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International Financial Holding Company Selects TreasuryXpress to Achieve Financial Transparency and Efficiency

TreasuryXpress expands global footprint with entry into the Turkish treasury market.

New York, NY – April 4, 2018– TTreasuryXpress, the global leader in frictionless and on-demand treasury management solutions recently announced that Doğan Şirketler Grubu Holding A.Ş., a leading public and multi-disciplinary holding company has selected TreasuryXpress to achieve comprehensive bank connectivity and visibility. Dogan represents TreasuryXpress’ entry into the Turkish market.

“We manage over 80 companies globally and many are highly active on a day-to-day transactional basis. This results in a tremendous amount of complexity in terms of comprehensive transaction aggregation and visibility,” says Mehmet Yoruk, Vice Chairman of Finance and Treasury at Dogan. “As the intermediary between our holding companies and the banks, our aim was to increase and optimize financial transparency and efficiency. We have chosen TreasuryXpress as our partner to achieve this.”

With a mission to deliver superior financial performance and stability to Dogan’s holding companies and shareholders, Yoruk shares that modern technology and local expertise is key to delivering on this experience.

“We take a visionary approach to treasury management here in Turkey and we believe that the path forward for Dogan is to take a digital approach to treasury management,” continues Yoruk. “We selected TreasuryXpress because they are leaders in modern treasury innovation and have deep bank connectivity expertise here in Turkey. We believe with TreasuryXpress’ local support and rapid deployment model, we will be able to achieve our goals.”

“By automating and digitizing bank connectivity and implementation processes we can get clients up and running quickly and expertly,” says Thierry Miskaoui, Vice President of Strategy – Europe, at TreasuryXpress. “This allows us to improve time to market in any region, ultimately allowing us to achieve broader coverage globally for our clients. The Turkish market is a key strategic focus for us and we are honored to be at the forefront of digital treasury transformation with Mehmet and his team at Dogan.”

TreasuryXpress’ on-demand Treasury Management Solution (TMS) model leverages modern Cloud technology to complete traditionally human-reliant processes such as bank connectivity and implementation; thereby reducing time and effort spent on these tasks during traditional projects. Additionally, the TreasuryXpress approach to innovation offers a perpetual development and upgrade model that allows treasury professionals to implement, consume, and scale technology economically and rapidly.

Anis Rahal, CEO and founder of TreasuryXpress, concludes, “We believe that treasury technology must not be allowed to become stagnant or static. Our clients’ business strategies and operations are continuously advancing, and we make it our mission to actively innovate our solutions at the same pace.”


TreasuryXpress, a global FinTech provider, was created with one simple aim – to give all companies powerful, cost-effective, and easy-to-implement Treasury Management capabilities that empower them to be able to work smarter!

Our solutions centralize more than 10,000 bank accounts daily and process electronic payments for over 7 billion USD each 2022. Our rapid time-to-market and diverse hosting options make it easy for treasuries to do business with us. From solution development to delivery and service, our teams actively engage with customers regularly and proactively. The result? TreasuryXpress is able to provide simply better, more innovative solutions that solve real business problems.

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