Risc Group – 2003-2004 Results

19 octobre 2021 Pierre Perrin-Monlouis

Risc Group, a “pure player” in MSS
On June 22, 2004, Risc Group signed an agreement with the Dutch security specialist, UNIT 4 Agresso, to sell its distribution business – Risc Technology – (2003-2004 sales: 60 M€, 130 employees) for 15 M€. This operation will allow the Group to focus exclusively on its MSS operations. A number of factors justify this strategic choice: the focus on a sustainably booming market, access to the strong potential SME/EPT clientele, the position as European leader acquired in 4 years thanks to the quality of the offer and the network (France, Germany, Belgium, Italy) and added value level of the activity with strong margin leverage power.

2003-2004 MSS:
confirmation of the international model, recovery plan in France
The validity of this model is confirmed by the growth in business and results of the international subsidiaries over fiscal 2003-2004. Their business increased 38% to reach 9 M€. Excluding Italy, which is in its startup phase (opened in April 2003), the operating result for Belgium and Germany totals X M€, up X% (or a margin rate higher than …). In France, business suffered from insufficient commercial productivity and an unsuitable expense structure that necessitated the establishment of a recovery plan. The implementation of this plan began to bear fruit with a 20% decrease in the break-even point for the entire fiscal year and an appreciable increase in commercial productivity. Despite the encouraging 30% reduction in operating losses for the second half of the fiscal year, these measures have only a partial impact on the results for the fiscal year.

M€ Risc Technology Adhersis Holding Company March 31, 2004 * March 31, 2003 *
Sales 59,5 27,7 0,5 87,7 88,2
Gross margin 13,2 24,7 1,2 39,1 44,0
% Sales 22,5% 89% 45% 49%
GOS 2,9 (1,7) (2,0) (0,8) 2,9
Operating result 2,1 (4,9) (2,3) (5,1) (2,9)
Financial result (1,0) (0,5)
Non-recurring result (2,6) (0,8)
CRBT (8,8) (4,3)
Net result before goodwill (10,4) (6,2)
Net result after goodwill (16,0) (15,7)

* Holding included

Financial situation :
The cash position on March 31, 2004, was 3.7 M€ with equity capital of 15 M€. The Group’s net debt amounted to 15.8 M€ , 5.9 M€ of which corresponds to short-term debt, including the account advances made by the shareholders to finance the Adhersis France recovery plan. This short-term debt will be repaid in large part with the proceeds from the sale of the distribution business.

Perspectives 2004-2005 :
For fiscal 2004-2005, priority will be given to rapidly restoring profitability in France through the return to a sustained commercial dynamic and the pursuit of rigorous management. International operations should confirm their potential with a sharp increase anticipated in sales and in the operating result.
Several positive factors will support these objectives:
– the use of the proceeds from the sale of Risc Technology, which will make it possible to combine debt reduction, the strengthening of the financial structure and consolidated development;
– the expansion of the offer to new services (anti-spam, VPN, Internet surveillance,…);
– the initial contract renewals that will occur during the second half of the fiscal year and will make it possible to initiate the dynamic for enhancing the existing customer base (14,000 contracts acquired to date).

About Risc Group
With establishments in France and abroad (Belgium, Germany, Italy) and sales of close to 87,7 M€ for its last fiscal year. Risc Group is gaining recognition as a European specialist in information systems security. The Group develops its expertise from one key expertise :
– MSS (Managed Security Services: backup, anti-virus and firewalls) in the SME/EPT market with Adhersis.
Founded in 1992, the Risc Group has been listed for trading on the Nouveau Marché of the Paris Bourse since November 2000.

For more information, visit our web site at http://www.risc-group.com or contact:

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