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Nokia Expands Functionality and Security of SSL VPN Offering

Secure Workplace feature goes beyond cache clean-up, implementing stringent security controls without impacting user productivity

NEW YORK, September 20, 2004 – Nokia (NYSE:NOK) today announced the expanded security and functionality of Nokia Secure Access System, the company’s virtual private network (VPN) solution leveraging ubiquitous Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. Nokia Secure Access System provides anytime, anywhere secure remote access to email, personal information management (PIM) data, corporate intranets and applications from any public Internet kiosk, terminal, laptop or wireless device.

Nokia Secure Access System 2.1 introduces the new Secure Workplace feature designed to maximize security without limiting the way users work. Secure Workspace includes data protection measures that go beyond traditional cache cleaning or application wiping to better ensure the security of important information. Secure Workspace is also resilient enough to handle an unexpected crash or reboot of the remote device.

“Nokia Secure Access System 2.1 soundly balances security and user freedom, implementing strong security measures without impacting where and how users want to work,” said Elie Habib, senior vice president, Security and Mobile Connectivity, Nokia Enterprise Solutions. “The addition of Secure Workspace combined with existing performance, reliability, and manageability make Nokia Secure Access System an easy and effective way for companies to realize the benefits of secure mobility.”

Secure Workplace creates a separate work environment on laptops, home PCs, public kiosk terminals or other remote access devices to safeguard data created in a secure session. The robust design of Secure Workplace prevents users from inadvertently sharing sensitive information by disabling copying and pasting from the secure environment to any non-secure applications. Users are, however, permitted to copy from a non-secure environment and paste into Secure Workspace.

Nokia Secure Access System deletes temporary browser cache files, cookies, history and bookmarks on logout. Nokia Secure Access System also overwrites all of the removed files multiple times to ensure data cannot be recovered, complying with US government security requirements designed by the Department of Defense. Nokia Secure Access System 2.1 removes only the new files associated with the secure session, while leaving other, unrelated cache files on the system. This feature saves users the time of having to recreate their browser settings after a secure session, and increases the speed of regular Web browsing by leaving unrelated cache files on the device.

“After many months of testing we have decided to use Nokia Secure Access System to secure the wireless data connections to our ambulances when uploading data,” said Kurt Christensen, Chief Technology Officer, Copenhagen Fire Brigade. “We’ve found Nokia Secure Access System to be the best security solution for this task. Our future vision is to use the solution in hospitals, as well,” he said.

The features included with version 2.1 are recognized in the market as distinct capabilities that often incur additional licensing fees. Nokia Secure Access System 2.1, however, is available with the purchase of any Nokia Secure Access System appliance without additional license fees. Existing customers with software subscriptions or other support offerings can download version 2.1 at no additional cost.

Nokia Secure Access System 2.1 also includes the following industry leading features:

High Availability mode, allowing Nokia Secure Access System to be deployed and configured so that in the unlikely event of an appliance failure, a second appliance automatically takes over where the first left off with little interruption to users.

Configuration Replication, which further simplifies the management of multiple gateways and high availability pairs by allowing administrators to define a managed group of gateways and automatically synchronize any changes to the configuration or user preference settings made on one gateway to all other gateways in the group.

Client Integrity Scan, which performs a customizable vulnerability check on users’ devices to establish the level of trust and the user’s identity, and then automatically adjusts access privileges accordingly.

Advanced Access Control, which dynamically adjusts access privileges based on the user’s identity, the device being used, and the security of the device at time of access, enabling IT departments to roll out cost-effective remote access services based on SSL, while ensuring the corporate security policy is enforced.

Session Persistence, which allows users to resume work without losing data if an SSL session times out, ensuring high end-user productivity while adhering to enterprise security policies.

Global functionality, which provides simultaneous support of multiple languages from a single gateway appliance including support for most international character sets. Currently supported languages include English, Japanese, German, French, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Korean and Simplified and Traditional Chinese.

Nokia Secure Access System combines Nokia software with its purpose-built appliance hardware, secure operating system (IPSO) and systems management-complementing an existing portfolio of IP security appliances and enterprise Mobile Connectivity solutions. Nokia Secure Access System 2.1 is also supported by Nokia’s world class, SCP certified “First-call Final-Resolution” global service and support team.

Nokia Secure Access System 2.1 is available globally as of September 2004.

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