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Midday Express of 2004-10-07

News from the Press and Communication Directorate General’s midday briefing

Nouvelles du rendez-vous de midi de la Direction Général Presse et Communication

07 / 10 / 04

I. Résultats de la Commission du 6 octobre 2004 –
Outcome of Commission meeting of 6 October

(voir aussi – see also ME of 6/10)

Commission recommends to start negotiations with Turkey under certain conditions
On the basis of a comprehensive report assessing the situation as regards human rights, democracy, the rule of law and the protection of minorities, the European Commission has recommended to start accession negotiations with Turkey Provided that certain key legislation which is in preparation enters into force. The Commission suggests a three pillar strategy to approach the negotiations : first strengthened cooperation to reinforce and support the reform process in Turkey, second negotiations adapted to the specific challenges related to Turkeys accession and finally a substantially strengthened political and cultural dialogue bringing people together from EU Member States and Turkey. While convinced that the accession process will be essential in guiding further reforms in Turkey, the Commission underlines that accession negotiations are by its nature an open-ended process. The objective, accession, is clear but it cannot be guaranteed beforehand. The Commission also presented an assessment of the effects of a possible accession of Turkey to the European Union, which concludes that such a prospect, while challenging for the EU and Turkey, could offer important opportunities for both if it is well managed.

II. Other news – Autres nouvelles

€450 million for restructuring and conversion of vineyards
The European Commission has adopted two decisions on restructuring and conversion of vineyards. New Member States are for the first time also entitled to receive support from the European Union. The first decision makes an indicative financial distribution of €450 million for actions in the 2004/2005 marketing year. The second sets the definitive allocations for the 2003/2004 marketing year.

Galileo : la Commission propose le passage aux phases de déploiement et d’exploitation
La Commission européenne a adopté le 6 octobre une communication sur le passage aux phases de déploiement et d’exploitation du programme européen de radionavigation par satellite. Sur la base des conclusions de ce document, le Conseil doit prendre, à la fin de l’année 2004, les décisions politiques qui permettront de lancer ces deux prochaines phases et qui porteront notamment sur le financement et la définition des services. Au terme de la communication, la Commission considère que les conditions qui ont déterminé le lancement du programme Galileo sont désormais remplies. “Il n’y a plus d’obstacles au lancement des phases ultérieures du programme”, a déclaré Loyola de Palacio, Vice-Présidente de la Commission.

US-Boeing : EU takes US to the WTO over subsidies granted to Boeing
The EU has requested, on 6 October, consultations with the United States in the World Trade Organisation (WTO) on massive subsidies granted to Boeing. The EU believes that these subsidies are in serious violation of the WTO Agreement on Subsidies and Countervailing Measures. The US launched a case regarding European support to Airbus earlier in the day. European Trade Commissioner Pascal Lamy stated : “The US move in the WTO concerning European support to Airbus is obviously an attempt to divert attention from Boeing’s self-inflicted decline. It also shows that the US were never seriously interested in seeking to renegotiate the existing 92 EU-US bilateral Agreement. If this is the path the US has chosen, we accept the challenge, not least because it is high time to put an end to massive illegal US subsidies to Boeing which damage Airbus, in particular those for Boeing’s new 7E7 programme. Nonetheless, it is a pity that the US has chosen to go to litigation which could destabilize trade and investment, including in Boeing’s 7E7 project. Aerospace workers can rely in the European Commission to defend their interests.”

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