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Shell GTL Fuel powers Audi cars in Shanghai Bibendum Challenge

Shell Gas to Liquids (GTL) Fuel is being used in the latest diesel cars at the Michelin Challenge Bibendum – the world’s premier clean vehicle event, now taking place in Shanghai. The clean, colourless, synthetic gas-derived fuel is being used in two Audi TDI cars to demonstrate lower emissions and verify driving performance.

This follows the launch of a GTL Fuel trial in Shanghai buses with conventional engines in August 2004 with the Pudong Bus Company and the support of the Shanghai Urban Transport Bureau and the Shanghai Environmental Protection Bureau to explore GTL Fuel as a clean fuel option for Shanghai.

The Michelin Challenge Bibendum 2004 is an annual international event being held for the first time in China. The event includes a rally, exhibition and technical competition designed to test a range of new engine technologies and fuels in passenger cars, trucks and buses.

Two cars, the six cylinder, luxury class Audi A8 3.0 litre TDI and an Audi A2 1.2 litre TDI, are demonstrating that significant reductions in tailpipe emissions of particulates, carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons can be achieved with Shell GTL Fuel in most modern diesel cars when compared with current European diesel. Shell GTL Fuel is a homogenous synthetic fuel with virtually no sulphur and aromatics, and a high cetane level which improves fuel combustibility.

Jack Jacometti, VP Global GTL Development, Shell Gas & Power, said: ” We are delighted to team up with Audi at this event promoting advanced clean vehicle technology. Clean synthetic fuels can play a major role in reducing pollution in mega-cities, such as Shanghai, and can provide a bridge to future transportation fuels in China. Furthermore, GTL Fuel enables car manufacturers to develop advanced engine designs that can deliver further emissions reduction and improvements in performance. ”

As a natural gas-derived fuel, Shell GTL Fuel can provide strategic diversification of transport fuels away from dependence on petroleum-based fuels. It is also the most cost-effective of alternative fuels as it uses existing infrastructure and engines. Shell GTL Fuel has been successfully trialed in Germany, Japan, China and California demonstrating reduced emissions and improved performance in heavy duty and light duty vehicles. Blends of Shell GTL Fuel are currently on sale at retail stations as Shell V-Power diesel in Germany and the Netherlands, as Shell Pura Diesel in Thailand and Shell Diesel 2004 in Greece.

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