Hurricane Katrina list of offers from countries participating in the EU mechanism

20 octobre 2021 Pierre Perrin-Monlouis

(update of 5 September, 10H00 Brussels time)

Country Item
Austria “Crisis Intervention Team” from the Austrian Red Cross:
Team was deployed on 1st September 2005 in Houston/Texas and will stay at least till 9th September 2005.

Set up of a communication network using IT and communication equipment for assistance/support.
10 sets petrol driven dirty water pumps
500 pieces tarps/plastic sheeting
300 camp beds
Belgium 3 Medical teams of 31 personnel
Logistic team of 10 personnel
Coordination team of 4 personnel
Civil engineering team of 10 personnel
Diving team
Low and high capacity pumps
Small generators
Denmark Water purification units
Finland Search and Rescue team of 30 personnel
France Material prepositioned in the Antilles, including 300 tents, 980 field beds, jerricans and soap, 60 generators, 3 water purification plants, 30 pumps and other material. The material will be accompanied by a team of 12 persons.
Germany Germany has sent 40.000 meals and is currently sending another 30.000 on bilateral basis. Expert teams will be deployed as well.

Italy 300 Adult camp beds
300 blankets
600 sheets
1 suction pump
6 liferafts
11.200 chlorine tablets
5 units of large first aid kits
baby food formula
Luxem-bourg Team of five persons as of Tuesday, with two jeeps.
1000 camp beds and 2000 blankets.
Malta Material and cash (no details supplied)
Nether-lands The NL ready to offer assistance.
Has offered 3 (giant) waterpump installations
A Navy-vessel (fregat Van Amstel) containing fresh drinkingwater supplies/medical supplies/helicopters/beds,etc is en route towards New Orleans.
Romania 2 Teams of medical experts
Sweden First Aid Kits, Blankets, Meals Ready to Eat, Generators, Plastic sheeting.
2 heavy water purification plants and instructors for their use.
Equipment for restoring the cell phone net in disaster areas.
Sweden has an aircraft ready for immediate deployment.
UK 500,000 Meals Ready to Eat (MREs) in process of being moved.

Medical experts

Urban Search and Rescue equipment, incl. rigid inflatable boats

Marine engineers and high-volume pumps

Skilled personnel including engineers who could support recovery efforts for installations and systems, Techniciens, staff trained in disaster management and emergency response activities.

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