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Fujitsu Adopts Intel’s Optical Tunable Laser

Intel® Tunable Laser Can Help Reduce Telco Costs
ECOC, GLASGOW, Scotland — Sept. 26, 2005 – Intel Corporation announced today that Fujitsu Limited has adopted Intel’s full-band tunable laser for use in its next-generation tunable transponders targeted at worldwide optical network systems.

By using tunable lasers, telecommunications equipment manufacturers and carriers can achieve up to a 20 percent cost savings through inventory and spares management, according to a presentation at Optical Fiber Conference (OFC).

Cost savings come from the reduction in the number of parts manufacturers and carriers need to have on hand for redundancy in case of failures. One Intel full-band tunable laser can replace up to 80 single-band lasers.

Tunable lasers provide additional cost savings by simplifying network reconfiguration. In current network architectures, reconfiguring networks require a costly and time consuming manual process to increase or decrease customer allocated bandwidth. Tunable lasers can remotely switch wavelengths giving the carriers the flexibility to respond to real-time customer bandwidth demands at less cost.

“Intel’s full-band tunable laser is unique because it’s designed with no moving parts, providing higher performance along with increased reliability,” said Gary Wiseman, general manager, Intel’s Optical Platform Division. “While Fujitsu has been an early adopter of Intel’s tunable laser, we are seeing a dramatic growth in tunable laser deployments across the industry.”

“Fujitsu chose Intel tunable lasers based on superior performance, proven reliability, and stable supply capability,” said Nobuhide Yamaguchi, president, Optical Components Unit of Fujitsu Limited. “Fujitsu’s full-band tunable transponder is very competitive because it incorporates Fujitsu’s in-house lithium niobate modulator and Intel’s high-performance tunable laser. Fujitsu will market our full-band tunable transponder to worldwide optical system manufacturers.”

The Intel® Full C-Band Tunable Laser earned the 2005 Electronic Components Product of the Year Award by Frost & Sullivan. The product will be featured at Intel Booth #166 at ECOC.

Pricing and Availability
The Intel® TTX19900 Full C-Band and L-Band Tunable lasers are available now for $2,500 MSRP from authorized Intel distributors.

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