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CoolZone brings mobile content sales to retail

A new solution complements other digital content delivery channels with local relevancy

Espoo, Finland – Nokia today introduced the Nokia Local Content Channel Solution, CoolZone, that is a Bluetooth based end-to-end solution for distributing digital content to consumers’ phones in retail locations. Local mobility solutions create new types of business possibilities to individuals, location owners and enterprises. With CoolZone, retailers like music stores, phone shops and cinemas, can offer promotional or paid content, such as mobile games, wallpapers, videos and music, to consumers in their stores.

“For consumers, CoolZone is a new and easy way to get rich mobile content and information. Every time the consumer visits a store, which has CoolZone service, she or he can easily browse, preview and buy the latest content to his or her phone. When using the service for the first time, the consumer downloads a retailer branded application to the phone in the retail location based on instructions provided in the store. The payment for the downloaded content is done either over the counter using vouchers or using premium text messages,” said Sakari Kotola, Director, Nokia Ventures Organization. “CoolZone is a truly smooth content download tool for consumers.”

The service is always customized according to the retailer’s or service provider’s brand. In a way, it is a digital shelf in a physical store. The retailer can easily change both the design of the application and the content during special campaigns, and the consumers will automatically experience the new campaign the next time they use the service. But CoolZone is not just a tool to sell content and organize promotional campaigns. For the retailer, it is also an efficient tool for loyalty programs.

The Nokia Local Content Channel Solution, CoolZone is based on Bluetooth connection between a phone and a service point. The solution consists of client software for the phone (Symbian client for Series 60, Java for Nokia Series 40 and other manufacturers’ phones), a small multiradio Nokia Service Point LCP10 installed in each service location and the Nokia Service Manager LCM10 for centrally managing the service points and the content. The solution enables the delivery of any content supported by the phones, including DRM protected content. While the service is currently Bluetooth based, WLAN will be one of expected additions in the near future, as more phones will offer WLAN capability.

The Nokia Local Content Channel Solution, CoolZone will be commercially available in the 1st quarter of 2006. Nokia will optionally also provide the solution to retailers based on a hosting model where Nokia takes care of everything from content management to technical set-up.

CoolZone will be demonstrated at the Nokia Mobility Conference 2005 in Palau de Congressos de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain, during November 2-3, 2005.

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Nokia Mobility Conference takes place on November 2 – 3, 2005 in Barcelona, Spain.
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