EduBourseActualitésEUROPLASMA : Renewable energy: launch of a 12MW unit in Morcenx (40)

EUROPLASMA : Renewable energy: launch of a 12MW unit in Morcenx (40)

EUROPLASMA is launching an ambitious development programme following the first instalment of funds from CREDIT SUISSE New York. The contributor gave its approval for a quick launch of waste recycling units using the plasma torch gasification procedure. This procedure has the advantage of nearly doubling the energy production compared to traditional solutions. This effort is a key effort in the Renewable Energy Area and positions the company as a leader in next generation waste conversion technologies. Europlasma’s experience in Plasma technology positions it exceptionally well in the renewable energy sector given its history and operating experience.

Plans for the first 12MW production unit are underway; it will be built in Morcenx, near the INERTAM asbestos vitrification site which is now operating at a profit. This installation will process 130 tonnes of waste from the surrounding area per day, waste which was until now being dumped or incinerated in cement works. This project is the first new generation WTE unit (Waste To Energy) in France. It combines high performance, low CO2 emissions and very little site coverage. The planning permission and operating authorisation are already en route. Commissioning is planned for July 2009.

The plant’s architectural design has been devised by the Bühler Agency and its compact size (35m x 20m) makes for easier landscaping. The design can also be adapted to any other site. The Morcenx industrial area will be a unique technological showcase combining two models based on plasma technology: one model for asbestos vitrification, the other for waste gasification.

The plant represents an investment of €25 million financed by EUROPLASMA which Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations should participate inand also a banking group. The plant does not require any grants and is using EDF regulated purchasing prices to ensure profitability.

Several electricity production projects using waste are currently being researched in the United States and Canada and also in Europe.


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Created in 1992, Europlasma specialises in high temperature industrial procedures using plasma torch technology, particularly in the sector of renewable energy production from waste or biomass.

Europlasma has been listed on the Euronext Paris Marché Libre since 2001

Mnemo: MLEUP – ISIN: FR0000044810

Contacts: Didier PINEAU – CEO – André-Jean GOIMARD DGD +33 (0)5 56 74 73 72 [email protected]

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