EduBourseActualitésAgfa HealthCare introduces the IMPAX(TM) Suites for integrated digital imaging

Agfa HealthCare introduces the IMPAX(TM) Suites for integrated digital imaging

Focus on healthcare segments through integration of diagnostic imaging modules to improve clinical workflows and efficiencies

RSNA (South Hall A # 4106) / Chicago, USA – November 25, 2007 – 10:00 CST

Agfa HealthCare, a leading provider of IT-enabled clinical workflow and diagnostic imaging solutions, announces today that it is launching seven IMPAX(TM) Suites at the RSNA 2007 exhibition, which will take place in Chicago (USA) from November 25th until 30th. The Suites, ranging from enterprise solutions for multi-site healthcare facilities, to specialized mammography, cardiovascular, radiology and orthopaedic systems, are designed to provide facilities and clinicians with more focused solutions for their diagnostic imaging needs.

Agfa HealthCare’s IMPAX Suites are an integration of several modules into one, each designed to support specific enterprise or departmental activities and to meet very specific clinical needs. All suites offer the latest Agfa HealthCare PACS (Picture Archiving and Communications System) and RIS (Radiology Information System) and are delivered with state-of-the-art clinical and administrative applications, designed for the specific environments in which they will operate.

The introduction of the IMPAX Suites is based on input and feedback from Agfa HealthCare’s customers. A clear demand for more focused and tailored PACS solutions was considered to be of great importance. Meeting this growing demand, Agfa HealthCare offers seven Suites in a modular format, powered by the company’s leading IMPAX 6 solution.

All seven suites are readily available from Agfa HealthCare:

– IMPAX Enterprise Suite, created for the multi-site healthcare enterprise and Integrated Healthcare Delivery Networks (IHDN) operating in multi-patient ID domains;
– IMPAX Hospital Suite, developed for the hospital that needs to integrate multiple specialties and disciplines;
– IMPAX Imaging Center Suite, made for imaging centers and radiology practices;
– IMPAX Radiology Suite, a solution that focuses on the self-sufficient radiology department;
– IMPAX Cardiovascular Suite, a Suite that focuses on the specific needs of the multi-modality cardiology department;
– IMPAX Orthopaedics Suite, dedicated to the orthopaedic requirements – like planning, measuring and simulating – in a digital imaging environment; and
– IMPAX Mammography Suite, a Suite that solves the imaging, workflow and reporting needs of diagnostic and screening mammography.

To effectively support the specific departmental needs, Agfa HealthCare offers its IMPAX Suites with new clinical applications and server-based 3D-tools (Maximum Intensity Projection or MIP, Multi-Planner Reformat or MPR and Volume 3D) that help increase the workflow-supported productivity of radiologists and clinicians alike. Fully focused on productivity and enterprise workflow, highly automated, intuitive and productive, Agfa HealthCare offers its clinical applications in a fully harmonized IMPAX environment.

“As a pioneer in imaging IT, Agfa HealthCare has been a leading provider of fully integrated image management and reporting solutions since the early 1990’s. With over over 1700 IMPAX clients worldwide today, we continue to play a leading role with regards to improving the medical workflow and efficiency,” states Erkan Akyuz, Agfa HealthCare’s Chief Technology Officer. “The introduction of our seven IMPAX Suites is a clear next step in the evolution towards driving more efficient and effective solutions towards our customers. The clear focus of our IMPAX Suites, and their modular approach, is to provide our customers with the solutions that meet their specific demands, however complex these may be. The delivery of increased productivity and reliability via our dedicated and focused solutions will in turn help improve the delivery of patient care.”

Agfa HealthCare kindly invites you to visit its booth at RSNA 2007 (South Building – Hall A – Booth # 4106) to discover its solutions and Works in Progress.

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Senior Marketing Consultant Radiology IT
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Global PR Manager Agfa HealthCare
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Director Communications and PR United States
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À propos d’Agfa

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À propos d’Agfa HealthCare

Agfa HealthCare, membre du groupe Agfa-Gevaert, est l’un des principaux fournisseurs de solutions de gestion des images et de workflow clinique informatique. Cette division fournit également aux hôpitaux et autres établissements de santé des systèmes à la pointe de la technologie pour la capture, le traitement et l’impression d’images. La société bénéficie de plus d’un siècle d’expérience en imagerie diagnostique et joue un rôle de pionnier sur le marché informatique des soins de santé depuis le début des années 90. Agfa HealthCare emploie aujourd’hui 5 700 personnes, avec des représentants et des bureaux de ventes sur plus de 100 marchés du monde entier. En 2006, les ventes d’Agfa HealthCare se sont élevées à 1452 millions d’euros, ce qui représente 43 % des ventes totales du Groupe.

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