Banverket Sweden strengthens partnership with Nokia Siemens Networks

20 octobre 2021 Pierre Perrin-Monlouis

Nokia Siemens Networks establishes as the leader in GSM-R systems supplier

Banverket, the Swedish railway administration has chosen Nokia Siemens Networks’ @vantage commander element management solution as it upgrades its GSM-R (GSM-Railway) system. The solution will help to drive higher efficiency in communication over the Banverket railway network.

With this upgrade, Banverket will achieve higher efficiency in communication by mapping of train telephone numbers to the correct mobile station in real-time. For example, the train controller can call a train number without needing to know the locomotive or the engine driver’s telephone number. Banverket is the only license holder for GSM-R in Sweden and has been collaborating with Nokia Siemens Networks since 1998. Under the earlier contract Nokia Siemens Networks is delivering all voice and data switching and radio network systems to Banverket‘s GSM-R network.

Nokia Siemens Networks is the leader in the GSM-R industry and its solutions cover services such as automatic ticketing, cargo tracking, and passenger information systems. It also manages GSM-R networks’ lifecycle, from design, implementation, and operation to long-term maintenance.

“Banverket is constantly looking at ways to make its networks efficient and safe. We believe that GSM-R is critical to security, and cost efficiency in railway operations. We have had a long and beneficial relationship with Nokia Siemens Networks and are positive that their solution will help us further maximize operational efficiency”, said Curt Cederholm, Technical Manager GSM-R, Banverket.

“The critical success factor for a railway infrastructure provider is the ability to transfer information across network boundaries and international borders at high speeds. As market leaders, we understand and address these needs effectively as our solution straddles both communications and transportation. @vantage is a reliable and flexible solution that helps run service-rich mobile networks, says Jan Hellgren from Nokia Siemens Networks.

To date, Nokia Siemens Networks has deployed 20 GSM-R networks in 14 countries serving 50,000 km of railways, making it the world’s Number One GSM-R vendor in both number of commercial networks and length of operational GSM-R lines.

About Banverket
Banverket is the authority responsible for rail traffic in Sweden
This means that we follow and conduct development in the railway sector, assist Parliament and the Government with railway issues, are responsible for the operation and management of state track installations, co-ordinate the local, regional and inter-regional railway services, and provide support for research and development in the rail sector.
Banverket’s vision
The railways are a natural part of passenger and freight transport

About Nokia Siemens Networks
Nokia Siemens Networks is a leading global enabler of communications services. The company provides a complete, well-balanced product portfolio of mobile and fixed network infrastructure solutions and addresses the growing demand for services with 20,000 service professionals worldwide. Nokia Siemens Networks is one of the largest telecommunications infrastructure companies with operations in 150 countries. The company is headquartered in Espoo, Finland.

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