Theolia now operating four new wind farms in Aveyron

20 octobre 2021 Pierre Perrin-Monlouis

THEOLIA and its subsidiary VENTURA have announced the industrial commissioning, on 15 December 2007, of four wind farms at the Castelnau-Pégayrols site with a nominal power of 29.9 MW.

A 29.9 MW wind site entirely developed by the THEOLIA Group
Located in Aveyron (municipality of Castelnau-Pégayrols) the site has 13 wind turbines with a total power of 29.9 MW and is divided into four wind farms: Les Plos (11.5 MW), Le Puech (11.5 MW), La Fage (4.6 MW) and Les Pins (2.3 MW). The site was developed and constructed by VENTURA (group subsidiary), which will also operate the four wind farms.

The site has 13 Enercon (type E70) turbines each with unit power of 2.3 MW. The height of the installation is 99.5 m to the end of the turbine blades, the central generator is 64 m in height and the rotor diameter is 71 m.

The scheduled annual electricity production of the Castelnau-Pégayrols wind farm will be approximately 88 million kWh, providing electricity coverage for about 26,830 people, including heating, or an estimated 40,200 people excluding heating. This way of producing electricity saves 72,160 tonnes of CO2 emissions every year.

A project started at the end of 2000, confirming the Group’s growing potential in France
The development, construction and operation of the Castelnau-Pégayrols wind farm project started in late 2000. VENTURA initiated its feasibility studies for a wind farm at the site and following contact with the local authority at the start of 2001, VENTURA carried out environmental impact studies and technical design studies for the wind farm.

The building permit was filed in June 2003 and granted in June 2004. Construction work started in April 2006 and all four wind farms began operating during the second half of December 2007.

Wind farms operated by THEOLIA in France
This commissioning, along with that of the 12 MW Moulin de Froidure wind farm in the Somme, both of which took place in December 2007, brings THEOLIA’s wind energy portfolio in operation in France to 77 MW.

Jean-Marie Santander, CEO of THEOLIA: “The commissioning of the Castelnau-Pégayrols wind farm in Aveyron confirms THEOLIA’s ability to develop long term projects. With these new wind farms operating in France, THEOLIA once again demonstrates its development, construction and operation strategy, making it a key player in the production of renewable energy.”

THEOLIA Group’s wind energy portfolio as at 31 December 2007

In operation for own account 333.5 MW
In operation for third parties 297.25 MW
Under construction 125 MW
Building permits obtained 169.2 MW
Building permits pending 851.7 MW
Under development 1,294.65 MW
In process of acquisition 259.2 MW


THEOLIA is a leading European electricity producer from renewable energy. THEOLIA operates in France, Germany, Spain, Greece, Italy and several emerging markets through its subsidiary THEOLIA EMERGING MARKETS, including India, Brazil, some Eastern Europe countries and Morocco.
Theolia is listed on Eurolist B by Euronext Paris under the mnemonic TEO. The stock has been on the SBF 120 Index since 24 September 2007 and on the Next 150 Index since 2 January 2008.

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THEOLIA is listed on Eurolist B, Euronext Paris under the mnemonic TEO

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