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Steria creating the data exchange gateway between Sirius 2 and the A86 West Tunnel

Steria, the end-to-end IT services provider for companies and public authorities throughout Europe, is contributing to Europe’s largest-ever underground motorway construction project, the A86 West Tunnel.

Steria, which is already serving the Ile-de-France motorway network through its SIRIUS 2 system (road traffic management and monitoring system for the Paris region), has been chosen by the DIR IF (the Ile-de-France Motorway Department) to create a data exchange gateway between the SIRIUS 2 system and the A86 West Tunnel’s traffic management and monitoring system. After several decades of waiting, the A86 West will form the final link of the 80-kilometer “super ring road” around Paris. Besides preserving the landscape of the Western Paris region (from Rueil Malmaison to Versailles), the tunnel, called the “A86 Duplex,” will improve traffic considerably by reducing travel times nearly fourfold and doing so with a high level of security (no crossing traffic, thanks to its double-decker design with 2 independent, one-way levels). The exchange of traffic data (holdups, incidents, travel times…) between the 2 systems allows for continuity in the monitoring of traffic and equipment, as well as in user information on both operators’ networks, particularly as concerns safety precautions for users in the tunnel. The first section of the Rueil-Malmaison/ A13 interchange connection is scheduled to open in spring 2008.

About Steria: Steria is a leading European provider of IT-driven business services, focused on the establishment of strategic partnerships with its clients in each of its key vertical market sectors: public services; finance; telecommunications; utilities and transport. Steria provides consulting services for its clients’ core business processes, and also develops and operates their information systems. Steria acquired the UK-based company Xansa in October 2007. The new group has over 18,000 employees working in 16 countries. Steria’s pro forma revenue as of 31 dec 2006 is 1.8billion euros. Headquartered in Paris, Steria is listed on the Euronext Paris Eurolist.

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