Over 250 Million Ikivo Powered Mobile SVG Devices Shipped

20 octobre 2021 Pierre Perrin-Monlouis

Ikivo estimates that more than 375 million Mobile SVG devices are now deployed.

Stockholm, Sweden – 30th January 2008 – Ikivo, the leading provider of rich media software solutions for mobile devices announced today that their Mobile SVG clients have been shipped in more than 250 million handsets worldwide and estimate that more than 375 million handsets with Mobile SVG have been shipped globally.

“We continue to see a rapid growth of the SVG community. SVG has been chosen as the key enabler in several open standards for rich media such as the 3GPP DIMS and the OMA RME specifications”, says Magnus Zetterberg, Business Development at Ikivo. “The powerful features of SVG are also made available to the Java community through the JSR 226 interface; now becoming a mandatory part of the mass market devices.”

The continued success of the Ikivo open standard products shows the market preference for multi vendor solutions. Unlike other proprietary 2D graphics technologies such as Flash Lite, the market leading Ikivo software is built by and for the mobile industry and now the market is commercially endorsing SVG as a core technology.

The triumph of the iPhone has raised the awareness of the importance of rich and responsive user interfaces in order to deliver attractive services and applications that increase data traffic and user retention. The Ikivo products and solutions bring the capabilities needed to enable superior user experiences, like touch screen and advanced transition effects, as well as full interactivity support, advanced handling of video and audio content and complete tooling support.

About Ikivo AB.

Ikivo is the leading supplier of rich media application enabling solutions based on open standards, with a deployed base of over 250 million mass-market and open OS mobile phones. These solutions empowers mobile operators, mobile device manufacturers and media companies to deliver rich compelling services such as Interactive Mobile TV, Mobile Advertising, On-Device Portals and Mobile Music. The Ikivo product portfolio includes modular sophisticated technology for embedding and OTA delivery, in addition to industry standard tools for the development and deployment of rich media mobile applications and solutions.

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