Gordon Murray Design invests in Stratasys for rapid prototyping

20 octobre 2021 Pierre Perrin-Monlouis

Stratasys FDM 400mc will strengthen automotive design capabilities

LONDON, 26 March 2008 – Gordon Murray Design, launched by automotive industry expert Gordon Murray in 2007, has purchased a Stratasys FDM 400mc machine as part of its drive to become the world’s leading automotive design group. The machine will help bring to market the company’s first automotive design project, code-named T25.

The Stratasys FDM 400mc direct digital manufacturing and prototyping system offers enhanced accuracy, repeatability, material properties, speed and flexibility. Innovation in both hardware and software increases precision in the deposition of plastic. The machine will be used in the design firm’s Prototype Workshop to build multiple components for automotive design and tooling, for example interior instrument parts, trim panels and fittings, exterior components, wind tunnel model parts and parts for running test vehicles.

The machine will enable Gordon Murray Design to reduce the costs and lead times associated with the production of prototype parts, enabling projects to be delivered quicker and more effectively. In addition, the Stratasys FDM 400mc uses thermoplastics that have identical properties to the company’s proposed end-use materials for its T25 project.

Gordon Murray Design recently announced the T25, an innovative design for a new personal transport vehicle. Described simply as ‘a new class of vehicle’, the T25 will use innovative architecture and packaging to facilitate low cost manufacturing and to reduce running costs dramatically.

“Prototyping forms a large part of what we do, and we felt that having an in-house rapid prototyping capability was vital from the outset”, says Gordon Murray, CEO of Gordon Murray Design. “Ease of use and installation were key for us in the decision-making process but so was the excellent reputation of Stratasys within the industry. This has been demonstrated in their commitment to forging an ongoing business relationship with us. Although our principle focus is design, development and prototyping, we are also keen to experiment with the machine in the future to explore some of its manufacturing capabilities.”

“Gordon Murray has an outstanding reputation in the automotive industry and we are delighted to be working with him at Gordon Murray Design,” adds Tim Heller, managing director for Stratasys, Europe. “Without the Stratasys FDM 400mc the design team would have been forced to outsource designs for projects such as the T25. With so much of the project under wraps they were not prepared to risk the security of their intellectual property. We look forward to helping the team as they bring this and future ground-breaking designs to life.”

The sale was managed by Stratasys’ UK distributor Laserlines.

About Stratasys
Stratasys Inc., Minneapolis, manufactures additive fabrication machines for prototyping and direct digital manufacturing. It also offers prototype and part manufacturing services. According to Wohlers Report 2007, Stratasys supplied 41 percent of all additive fabrication systems installed worldwide in 2006, making it the unit market leader for the fifth consecutive year. Stratasys patented and owns the rapid prototyping process known as fused deposition modeling (FDM®). The process creates functional prototypes and end-use parts directly from any 3D CAD program, using ABS plastic, polycarbonate, PPSF, and blends. The company holds more than 180 granted or pending additive fabrication patents globally. Stratasys products are used in the aerospace, defense, automotive, medical, education, electronic, and consumer product industries. On the Web: www.Stratasys.com

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FDM 360mc is a trademark, and FDM is a registered trademark, of Stratasys Inc.

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About Gordon Murray Design
Gordon Murray Design Limited, is a new British company operating from Shalford in Surrey, focusing on intellectual property, design, prototyping and development. The Company aims to be the world leader in automotive design and reverses the current industry trend for sub-contracting by having a complete in-house capability for design, prototyping and development. A highly talented team brought together to push the boundaries of automotive and engineering design. Gordon Murray Design Limited will undertake automotive and other engineering programmes with an efficient and innovative approach. On the Web: www.gordonmurraydesign.com

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