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Twelve New Wavecom Wireless CPU® Devices now Fully Certified for US Networks

Pierre Perrin-Monlouis Dernière mise à jour: 20 octobre 2021

Fastrack Supreme, Wireless Microprocessor and Q2687 families of product ready to activate on the nation’s largest GSM network.
Research Triangle Park, NC (USA) – March 31, 2008
Wavecom today announced complete certification of twelve Wireless CPU® products for use in the U.S. Designed specifically for machine-to-machine applications, the devices all support the innovative Wavecom low-cost-of-ownership, single-CPU architecture.

All Wavecom Fastrack Supreme, Wireless Microprocessor and Q2687 products have received AT&T certification, signifying a major milestone that opens the gates for substantial new business opportunities in North America. In addition, the approvals serve to ease the process and lower the cost of final product certification for a wide variety of applications including automotive telematics; automatic meter management; vehicle remote management; asset tracking, and home and office security.

“Wavecom is committed to comprehensive carrier certification of all of our products. By certifying the full range of Wavecom Wireless CPU® devices, we provide our customers with the ability to streamline their own certification process,” said Stefan Lindvall, Group Vice President and Head of the Americas Region. “We already have several programs building on the Q2687 and Wireless Microprocessor® platforms. And with the certification of Fastrack Supreme, we’re pleased to be able to offer significantly improved time to market.”

Fastrack Supreme
The Fastrack Supreme features an open-standard expansion card interface, enabling developers to add additional I/O (Input/Output) connectivity or features like GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, Zigbee and more. The Wavecom expansion cards allow for easy application-specific development – currently available cards include additional I/Os, USB and GPS functionality – the units with the expansion cards included are among AT&T certified products. All Fastrack Supreme products are “finished” units for quick deployment with no additional approvals required.

Wireless Microprocessor®
The Wireless Microprocessor® family redefines total cost of ownership via its fully automated machine placement form factor (no I/O radio connectors), companion wireless Plug-Ins and multitasking operating system.

Q2687 is an Automotive-grade Wireless CPU® which is backward compatible with the Q2686 and forward compatible with 3G evolutions and Open AT® Software application development environments so that application portability is easy. It also supports a new parallel data bus for interfacing to displays and external memory and data bearers up to EDGE. Q2687 Classic is an entry level version of the Q2687 that is certified for use in the North American markets. It has exactly the same I/O features as Q2687 and supports GPRS as opposed to EDGE. Customers benefit from Open AT® Application portability across the entire Q26 GSM Series to optimize their total system cost.

Visit,, to download the certificates for these products.

About Wavecom

Wavecom is a worldwide leader in embedded industrial wireless communication solutions for automotive, machine-to-machine and mobile professional applications. Wavecom’s solutions include the Open AT® Software Suite encompassing the Wavecom Open AT® Operating System, a wide range of Plug-Ins, the Open AT® Integrated Development Environment (IDE) along with a market-leading range of Wireless CPU®s (Central Processing Units), and an expanding portfolio of services. These complete embedded solutions enable makers of all types of machines to develop a new breed of intelligent wireless applications, without the need of external processors and other ASICs (Application Specific Integrated Circuits) and components.

Founded in 1993 and headquartered in Issy-les-Moulineaux (France) near Paris, Wavecom has subsidiaries in Hong Kong (PRC), Research Triangle Park, NC (USA), Farnborough (UK). Wavecom is publicly traded on Euronext Paris (Eurolist) in France and on the NASDAQ (WVCM) exchange in the U.S.

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