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INTELLIGENCE: Series 2 Premieres on the Hallmark Channel

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London: Monday 31 March, 2008: The much awaited exclusive UK premiere of Intelligence Series 2 airs tonight on the Hallmark Channel.

Conspiratorial, clandestine, dangerous, seductive and volatile: that’s the world of INTELLIGENCE – a world that’s full of betrayals on both sides as the forces of the law use every devious trick in the book to ‘turn’ the most powerful figures in the criminal underworld to work in their favour.

Lead characters – crime boss Jimmy Reardon (Ian Tracey) and organised crime intelligence cop Mary Spalding (Klea Scott) – find that they need each other as much as ever as they pursue their dangerous and often deadly goals on opposite sides of the law. Devoted father, Reardon oversees a vast criminal organisation, including much of British Columbia’s cocaine and heroin distribution, a chain of marijuana-growing operations, international smuggling, and thriving strip-club.

Series 1 ended with an explosive finale. The trouble started for Jimmy Reardon as Alex Morgan, his Stateside distributor, collaborated with Jimmy’s Drug Enforcement Agency enemies in the USA to lure Jimmy south of the border and nail him for his crimes. But Jimmy and Mary were both facing crises revolving around the same person: Dick Royden. Mary needed the evidence to nail Royden as a ‘mole’, but could it mean losing her job? Meanwhile Jimmy, who was holed up in Seattle, realised too late that his ‘meet’ with Morgan was a sting operation.

As Series 2 opens, Jimmy decides he has no choice but to give himself up. The DEA has other ideas – to kill Jimmy outright – but their plan goes disastrously wrong, leaving innocent people dead and Jimmy on the run in Seattle while the DEA holds his ex-wife Francine and daughter Stella.

INTELLIGENCE also stars John Cassini as Ronnie Delmonico and Camille Sullivan as Francine Reardon.

To catch the new series on Intelligence, tune into the Hallmark Channel on Sky 150 and Virgin 190 at 11.00 pm on 31 March, 2008.

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