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Ingres Open Source Makes Waves With Les Salins du Midi

Pierre Perrin-Monlouis Dernière mise à jour: 20 octobre 2021

Les Salins du Midi Counts on the Reliability and Robustness of Ingres to Help Guarantee the Production Quality of Sea Salt

Slough, United Kingdom, 1st April 2008 – Ingres Corporation, a leading provider of open source database management software and support services, is helping to put a bit more flavour into French food. Les Salins du Midi, the biggest producer of salt in Europe, relies on an Ingres open source database to develop a computerised sea salt production solution to better monitor the amount and quality of salt it produces and markets worldwide.

Not content to produce close to 2.5 million tons of various salts, which they market worldwide, Les Salins du Midi is also a leader in environmental consciousness. Searching for ways to maximise its logistical and operational efficiency without infringing on important wildlife habitats, Les Salins du Midi decided that Ingres would be the perfect salt in their software stack. The company selected Ingres to manage its salt production and has built a leading computerised production management system based on the Ingres open source solution.

“The Ingres open source model is a vehicle for innovation and value creation for our customers,” said Eric Soares, country manager for France at Ingres. “Les Salins du Midi provides a perfect example of how a company can benefit from our solutions and services. We are very happy to work with them as their systems evolve, and to contribute to the quality of their product – much to our culinary delight.”

Les Salins du Midi, known for both its historical site and its outstanding efforts at nature preservation, made headlines in France for the novelty of its comprehensive solution that monitors all operations, such as preparation of salt ponds, daily tracking of water movements and production supervision. The system is also essential for optimising personnel management, anticipating the quantities of salt produced, and ensuring top quality.

“While an open source solution was not a specific requirement for us, we are delighted with this new configuration, which we feel is a guarantee for the longevity of the application,” said Jean-Luc Coulet, infrastructure and support manager at Les Salins du Midi. “The switch to open source distribution has slightly changed our way of doing things. We no longer have a contract with automatic renewal, but an annual order for support, at the same price or for slightly less.”

The reliability of Ingres, ease-of-use, and the quality of support are all elements that make Les Salins du Midi determined to be long-term subscribers of Ingres.

“It was extremely easy to switch to the open source version of Ingres and took less than one hour to complete the migration,” said Coulet. “We appreciated the flexibility of the solution, which makes it simple to move from one version to the next.”


About Les Salins du Midi:
Founded in 1856, by a group of businessmen from Montpellier to operate the salt works at Aigues-Mortes, the company has continuously developed ever since through acquisitions in France and the former French colonies. The company has now become a leading solar salt producer in the world. 1968, the merger with the Société Salinière de l’Est, owner of the site at Varangéville (Meurthe-et-Moselle), among others, gave the group a national dimension in France and enlarged its portfolio with rock and vacuum salt. In 1971, the purchase of the Société Salinière de Camargue (operator of the salt works at Salin de Giraud) from the Péchiney group gave the company its present structure. Salins du Midi currently produces close to 2.5 million tonnes of all types of salt which is marketed throughout the world, on every market. Through its size and comprehensive trade coverage, Salins du Midi is now at the heart of the Salins group.

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