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Spring / summer 2008: Green is the colour of the season

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Going green has never been so easy with Uniross, the UK’s No1 rechargeable battery brand!

Spring has sprung and suddenly the summer holiday doesn’t seem too far away anymore. Imagine lying in the sun, listening to your favourite tunes on your mp3 player, taking pictures of your friends with your digital camera and playing on your PSP…

The eco-friendly way to enjoy your gadget addiction this summer is by taking advantage of Uniross’ complete new range of rechargeable batteries. The new range is more powerful and more convenient than ever. You can now use the batteries straight out of the packet, just like a throwaway battery, but when they run out just recharge them again and again and again… up to 1,000 times!

With prices starting at £4.99, you will have already made your money back after only 5 charges and can still benefit the environment at the same time.

The new Uniross range includes 14 different types of batteries and 16 chargers and will be a firm favourite with eco-lovers: it comes in 100% recycled and recyclable packaging and is fully endorsed by the WWF. You can now even buy the products at

“In the UK, 660 million batteries are bought each year. 95 percent of these are disposable – cumulatively that’s an enormous amount of batteries heading straight to landfill, releasing damaging chemicals into the environment. It’s wasteful and it’s unnecessary,” says Colin Butfield, Head of Campaigns at WWF-UK. “The average person in the UK is living as though we have three planets worth of resources at our disposal, which is totally unsustainable. Rechargeable batteries are an easy environmental win – they have 32 times less potential impact on the environment than disposable batteries, and while using them won’t reduce your standard of living, it will hugely reduce your impact on the planet.”

Finding the right battery has never been so easy. From AAA to D and 9V, the new range includes:

– Multi Usage (yellow packaging)

• Perfect for everyday appliances that are not used intensively, from remote controls to torches and toys
• Includes ‘Hybrio’ technology and can be used straight from the packet

– Multi Usage+ (red packaging)

• Perfect for appliances that require extra power or are used more intensively, eg: radios, favourite toys, PSP’s and Wii controllers
• Includes ‘Hybrio’ technology and can be used straight from the packet

– Performance (blue packaging)

• Perfect for high drain appliances or heavily used electronics such as digital cameras, GPS and mp3 players

“Rechargeable batteries have come a long way. Our new range is easy to use, long-lasting and comes ready charged, perfect for all those battery hungry gadgets and toys”, says Peter Keen, MD of Uniross. “Now there really isn’t any excuse to keep buying throwaway batteries that only end up in landfill.”

There are different chargers available for each budget, time-span and situation:

– On the go (for travellers and business people)
o Globe trotter charger + 2AA: comes with three different plugs RRP £19.99
o USB charger + 2AAA: plugs into USB key of your laptop and PC RRP £ 7.99
o Car chargers + 2AA: plugs into cigarette lighter socket of your car RRP £ 9.99

– Super fast (for gadget lovers)
o Fast charger + 4 AA: charges batteries in 1hr RRP £29.99
o Smart charger + 4AA: turns itself off when charge is complete RRP £24.99

– Budget (for price conscious consumers)
o Mini charger + 2 AA: value for money RRP £ 8.99

The new range of Uniross batteries is available now in Argos, Maplins, Wilkinson, and and will soon be available in John Lewis (March ’08), Homebase (April ’08) and B&Q (June ’08).

Founded in Bristol in 1968, UNIROSS offers rechargeable energy solutions for consumers as well as for industries and professionals. UNIROSS batteries are sold in leading stores in the UK, including Argos, B&Q, John Lewis, Asda and Amazon. HQ is based in Lognes, France, and there are another 14 sites across the world, including a distribution centre near Bristol in the UK. UNIROSS is listed on the Euronext Paris Stock Exchange.
The company is committed to sustainable development beyond the production of its products. UNIROSS is the initiator of the UNIROSS Circle for Sustainable Development (Sustainable Development Think Tank) and the co-founder of the European association, RECHARGE, whose goal is to promote the use of rechargeable batteries and to increase collection rates. UNIROSS has been a partner of the WWF since May 2006 and is carrying out awareness actions with this association to encourage the use of rechargeable batteries by the general public. More info at and

* The UNIROSS study, carried out by Bio Intelligence Service, is based on a comparative Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) between a Ni-MH rechargeable batteries and its charger and a disposable battery (nominal capacity of batteries and rechargeable batteries: 2500 mAh). This method measures and compares the environmental impact of the two types of batteries at all stages of their life cycle: production, sale, use and end-of-life, on the basis of a given quantity of energy produced (1 kWH).
Bio Intelligence Service evaluated 11 indicators of potential impact on the environment. The challenge of these indicators is to express the environmental impacts of the product throughout its life cycle. Five major environmental impact indicators were used to constitute the eco-profile of a rechargeable battery: consumption of natural resources, climate changes, ozone pollution, air acidification and water pollution. The study also took into account the impact of batteries in terms of waste.
This study underwent a critical review by an independent institute: the Fraunhofer Institute of Germany.

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