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Computer misuse and hidden threats are uncovered with the new multi-gigabyte Nokia IP2450 Intrusion Prevention with Sourcefire

Pierre Perrin-Monlouis Dernière mise à jour: 20 octobre 2021

Nokia security platform also extends support for future Sourcefire applications

San Francisco, US – Nokia today unveiled a more sophisticated network security technology – the Nokia IP2450 Intrusion Prevention (IPS) with Sourcefire – that goes beyond traditional intrusion prevention systems to analyze potential threats, survey end point vulnerabilities, and monitor and learn network behavior. The Nokia IP2450 IPS purpose-built solution mitigates threats still common in today’s connected enterprise, including exploitation of outdated laptop software, non-compliant server configurations and unauthorized user access. Developed to meet the security requirements of large enterprises and service providers, the flexible Nokia high-end next generation platform offers investment protection, superior price performance and high port density to support the highest number of network segments on a single appliance in its class.

“It is no secret that those responsible for the secure operation of IT systems within their enterprises want
to protect their most critical assets and also reduce the potential for network downtime from security threats – all while keeping the costs of resources and network security mitigation down and addressing corporate compliance requirements, ” said Greg Podshadley, Vice President, Services & Software, Nokia. “With the different threats prevalent in the industry today, what is required is a truly intelligent threat mitigation technology such as the Nokia IP2450 IPS, which we believe is a standout solution in its class.”

The Nokia IP2450 IPS delivers the most flexible combination of detection engine support and expansive network segment coverage in a single solution. The base platform includes 12 ports to cover 5 in-line or 11 passive network segments, and is easily expandable to 24 ports supporting 12 detection engines. The 24 ports can monitor up to 11 network segments inline or 23 segments in passive mode, giving it a distinct competitive edge over all other solutions available today in its segment. Nokia IP2450 IPS has a measured inline and passive throughput of 4 gigabits per second (Gbps).

Bringing a new dimension to network threat mitigation, the Nokia IP2450 IPS takes security beyond the network perimeter and deep into the core by using a unified approach that integrates four core technologies – intrusion prevention (IPS), vulnerability management (VM), network behavior analysis (NBA) and network access control (NAC). Unlike other protection solutions today, this approach not only ensures continuous monitoring and protection, but also drastically reduces the number of false alarms and operational costs. The solution is backed by Nokia’s worldwide technical support organization, an important requirement for large multinationals seeking consistent security policies and immediate access to trained personnel around the globe. In addition, all Sourcefire users and partners are also supported by the Sourcefire Vulnerability Research Team (VRT), a group of leading intrusion detection and prevention experts working to proactively discover, assess and respond to the latest trends in hacking activities, intrusion attempts and vulnerabilities.

“By combining a great platform such as the Nokia multi-gigabyte sensor with the award-winning Sourcefire software, we are enabling customers to discover, block and proactively defend against emerging threats,” said Tom McDonough, President and COO of Sourcefire. “The proven Sourcefire 3D System is required in today’s enterprise environment, where intrusions are becoming more frequent and threats are more robust. We are excited about the capabilities that the Nokia IP2450 IPS will bring to the industry.”

Nokia support for the Sourcefire 3D System’s next generation capabilities has also been announced across the complete Nokia IPS product portfolio. Today, the Sourcefire Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), based on the industry-standard Snort engine, Real-Time Network Awareness (RNA) and Real-Time User Awareness (RUA) applications come pre-installed on the Nokia solution and can be run simultaneously. Nokia IP2450 IPS sensors are built on Nokia’s leading-edge IPSO LX operating system, and along with the Nokia Defense Center appliances, provide a comprehensive security solution for enterprise and service-provider deployments.

“There has been a huge shift to mobile computing and a blurring of the boundaries between personal and corporate computing. Users are connecting to unmanaged personal and public networks. Online threats often silently compromise many computers. Many companies are moving to converged networks running critical communications services such as voice and video.” said Andy Buss, Principal Analyst at Canalys. “Being able to respond to these challenges while reducing the cost and complexity of securing it all will be critical.”

More information about the Nokia IP2450 Intrusion Prevention with Sourcefire can be obtained at

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