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Personalization is Key For Getting Mobile Content to Users

Pierre Perrin-Monlouis Dernière mise à jour: 20 octobre 2021

ChangingWorlds Leads Session at Mobile Content World Asia in Singapore

Singapore, Mobile Content World Asia, Wednesday, May 7th 2008

ChangingWorlds, global expert in personalization and subscriber intelligence techniques for the Mobile Internet, today addressed the delegation at the Mobile Content World Asia conference in Singapore.

As the leading expert in Mobile Internet personalization, ChangingWorlds presented a paper on the importance of personalization and content discovery for Mobile Internet growth and Mobile advertising success.

Michael Breen, Technical Director for ChangingWorlds APAC, joined a panel of key speakers on the subject of “Best Models for Getting Content to Users” in the ‘Brain Share’ session on Day Two of Mobile Content World Asia.

Also speaking at this session was Mark Seeger, Digital Lead, OgilvyOne Worldwide, Sandy Monteiro, Senior VP Universal Music Group, Leong-Yan Yoong Head of Music, TV & Video, Nokia and Laura E. Wendt, MD, Walt Disney Television International.

As the lead speaker in the Brain Share session, Michael Breen presented on the challenge of mobile content discovery on the Mobile Internet and the importance of using a highly advanced personalization solution to enhance the usability and uptake of Mobile data services. He explained that the high value content offered by the likes of Walt Disney & Universal Music Group is much easier to access through personalized data services.

Opening the Mobile Content World conference on Day Two, Michael Breen, said: ”The ability to use granular subscriber intelligence is critical to delivering relevant, personalized mobile data services such as specific Walt Disney content or Music content that matches an individual subscriber’s profile. Moreover, this intelligence can ensure that advertising agencies such as Ogilvy can direct relevant mobile adverts in an extremely targeted and personalized manner.”

Michael continued to say that “the key observation in today’s mobile portals is that the content is classified either by function (e.g. News or Sport) or by provider (e.g. Reuters or Sky). In contrast, in the ideal scenario, the content is classified by relevance. In other words, all the content that is relevant to me is presented and linked together so that I can easily access it”.

He also emphasized the importance of ‘implicit personalization”, that is a mobile data personalization solution that automatically learns about the individual tastes of each subscriber without their input. “As a mobile subscriber uses the mobile portal, the operator can build up rich subscriber intelligence. This can be used to personalize the Content Discovery process to match the subscriber’s expectations and interests. This approach will enable mobile operators to increase mobile data revenues and to capture a greater portion of advertising revenue by offering advertisers an integrated channel for delivering higher ROI ads and offers.”

The notion of implicit, intelligent personalization has been championed and pioneered by ChangingWorlds since the early days of WAP as the key to unlocking the potential of the Mobile Internet and associated mobile data services.

ChangingWorlds recently launched its solution for off portal personalization – ClixSmart Discovery- at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. ClixSmart Discovery uses an off-portal subscriber intelligence engine which actively monitors users’ Mobile Internet browsing habits in order to analyze emerging behavior patterns. This analysis enables mobile operators to build in-depth business intelligence on the likes and preferences of individual portal users browsing off-portal.


About ChangingWorlds

ChangingWorlds is the global expert in the personalization of Mobile Internet data and the creation of in-depth Subscriber Intelligence for mobile operators.

Since the inception of ChangingWorlds, it has pioneered the innovation of personalized mobile content discovery delivering personalization solutions for mobile portal navigation, for personalized content recommendations both on & off portal, for personalized mobile advertising & mobile search.

Based on advanced artificial intelligence technology, the company’s ClixSmart™ Intelligent Portal platform offers a personalized content discovery solution that enhances content relevance and optimizes the user experience of the Mobile Internet, resulting in greater ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) for the mobile operator. Results from implementations of the ClixSmart Intelligent Portal Platform have shown an increase of Mobile Internet ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) and mobile internet traffic by 20% – 30%.

ChangingWorlds’ suite of Personalization solutions provides targeting & personalization technology that accelerates content discovery and individualizes the user experience of the Mobile Internet. ChangingWorlds has over 50 mobile operator customers worldwide including Vodafone Global, the O2 Group, T-mobile, TeliaSonera, CSL Hong Kong and Celcom Malaysia.

ChangingWorlds was founded in 1999 and is privately owned. The company now employs over one hundred highly qualified staff in Ireland (Dublin), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) and USA (San Francisco).

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