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Tele Atlas Navigates Improved Content Landscape with Oracle® Universal Content Management

International Company Conserves Resources, Improves Efficiency with Content-Enabled Enterprise

Redwood Shores, Calif. 04-JUN-2008 05:00 AM
Oracle today announced that Tele Atlas, a leading global provider of digital maps and dynamic content for navigation and location-based solutions, is using Oracle Universal Content Management, a component of the Oracle Content Management Suite, to help improve document management and facilitate the development and deployment of dynamic, up-to-date and region-specific content for its multi-lingual Web sites and global intranet. Oracle Content Management Suite is a component of Oracle Fusion Middleware.
By deploying Oracle Universal Content Management — an integrated, easy-to-use platform for document management, Web content management, and records management — the company better manages document version control and helps ensure the most up-to-date information flows smoothly across its international enterprise to employees, customers and partners.
For example, employees can now verify they are accessing the most current versions of business-critical documents, such as product brochures or FAQs.
With Oracle Universal Content Management in place, Tele Atlas now leverages a single, secure repository with the latest versions of its critical business documents available to its employees globally; its Web site is available in 14 languages, and each site includes region-specific content that is continuously updated; line-of-business managers now have the tools to update the Tele Atlas Web site quickly and easily; and the company is utilizing Oracle’s standards-based content management software to extend the capabilities of its content infrastructure with Web 2.0-style interfaces.
By deploying Oracle Universal Content Management, changing a product data sheet, job description or other commonly updated information on the Web has been significantly simplified. Oracle’s software allows the company’s business users to make changes to the site, review them online, submit the changes through an automated approval process and post them on the live site without the help of the technical team. This helps streamline processes, enables the delivery of more frequent site updates, and allows IT resources to be focused on more strategic projects.
Tele Atlas is also using its single Oracle-based content repository to repurpose content and improve information management and sharing across business units.
For example, a brochure regarding the employee benefits package at Tele Atlas is located on the company’s employee intranet, but it also can be utilized by human resources on the external Web site to give prospective employees a better sense of what it is like to work for the company. Additionally, current product information sheets can be accessed by salespeople to close a deal or by the marketing team for collateral.
Standards Chart Course for Enterprise 2.0

In addition to using Oracle Universal Content Management for its core business content management, Tele Atlas is enhancing the value of the system by building Web 2.0 capabilities on top of the standards-based Oracle-based platform.
For example, the company’s internal message board, which previously existed as a separate application, is now integrated with Oracle Universal Content Management to enable Tele Atlas to store each message as an individual XML file. Doing so will help Tele Atlas to more easily deliver RSS feeds from the message board, and provide employees with direct, ongoing notification of new information posted to the message boards regarding topics of their choice.
The company also developed Web 2.0-style applications for facilities management and conference room reservations by using content stored in the system in its native format that is automatically converted to AJAX-compatible formats by Oracle Universal Content Management.
Supporting Quotes

“Before we implemented Oracle Universal Content Management, we were using our highly skilled developers and technical staff to manage our content, and business users were spending time coordinating with IT, which diverted time from their core job functions. Now, we have a more efficient model in place that is better designed to scale with the growth of the company,” said Paul Dixon, senior domain manager, Tele Atlas.
“Because Oracle Universal Content Management is built on industry standards, we can easily parse through the files and do whatever we want with the content, helping us take the next step toward more effectively content-enabling the company. It helps allow contributors to manage information in a spreadsheet or any application they traditionally use, and we can automatically convert content to the format we need to extend the value of the information,” said Paul Dixon, senior domain manager, Tele Atlas.
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