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Steria has been chosen along with IES, representative, and FTPC to provide the Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport’s centralized IT taxi management system

Steria, an end-to-end IT services provider for companies and public authorities and European leader in the deployment of transport systems with its Taxi Expert expertise, has been chosen, along with IES, representative, and FTPC, to deploy a taxi management system for Aéroports de Lyon. The Taxi LYS system will reduce passengers’ taxi wait times and will give the Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport the means to control and monitor access to taxis by optimising flow management.

Taxi LYS, a new project which confirms Steria’s vehicle flow management expertise.

Every 2022, 7 million passengers transit through the Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport, generating a sizeable flow of taxis to and from all terminals. There was consequently a need to optimize taxi flow management in the areas surrounding the airport terminals. Steria’s rollout of the Taxi LYS system consists of providing a centralized, computerized taxi flow management system (SCGT).

The Taxi LYS system is a connection among all the actors involved. Indeed, Taxi LYS:

• Automates taxi flow management from the taxi support base to the loading areas in real time, or among loading areas, according to traffic and to passengers’ specific needs.

• Manages exceptions (such as when taxis fail to show up, or taxi requests with special conditions).

• Interacts with taxis by informing them of the movements to be made, by coordinating messages on the different displays, by validating their movements in real time using their RFID badges and, if necessary, by commanding the opening of access control equipment.

• Interacts with ground equipment, which sends the taxi information (such as RFID badge numbers, alarms, and events) as well as receives information (such as commands for gate opening, messages to be displayed, or cameras to be substituted).

• Interacts with all operators by allowing identification, display of system supervision information, equipment monitoring, system parametering, the consultation of information on moving taxis as well as the different logs and histories, servo-control of video display and recorders on the sounding of alarms and interphone calls, and to obtain additional system status information.

• Interacts with the Lyon Airport’s other actors by providing a statistical base.

This new project, which follows the systems previously rolled out at the Paris Charles de Gaulle and London Heathrow airports, gives Steria, with its [email protected] Expert solution, a position as European leader in airport taxi management applications, implementing technologies such as WIFI or RFID.

This project likewise confirms Steria’s position in the development of business applications in the transport sector:

Operational airport management systems
Central control posts, GMAO system (Singapore Metro, Toulouse, Paris, etc.)
Road traffic management systems (Ile de France, Lille, Strasbourg, Singapore, Copenhagen, Luxemburg, etc.)
About Steria: The leading end-to-end IT services provider in Europe for companies which consider new technologies a vital part of their business strategy, Steria focuses on setting up strategic partnerships with its customers in each of its key markets: the public sector, finance, telecommunications, utilities and transport. Steria offers customers integrated services including consulting in core business processes as well as the development and operation of their information systems. In October 2007, Steria acquired the British firm Xansa. The new group employs 19,000 staff in 16 countries, including 5,000 in India. On December 31, 2007, Steria revenue amounted to €1.4 billion (€1.9 billion pro forma). The Group, headquartered in Paris, is listed on the Euronext Paris market.

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