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Numatic Dust off Dyson in Battle of the Vacuums

Pierre Perrin-Monlouis Dernière mise à jour: 20 octobre 2021

With a 50% share of the Vacuum Cleaner market and awards for design and innovation, you would expect shoppers who buy a Dyson to be pretty pleased with their purchase. However, new research from consumer review website Reevoo shows they don’t even appear in the top five most highly rated vacuums.

The research, which compiled comments from hundreds of shoppers who had bought the products, will come as a shock to Dyson who have held their market- leading position for the last 11 years in the UK.

In a surprise victory, consumers have rated Numatic’s Hetty as the top vacuum cleaner. Her counterpart, Henry, also appears on the list in fourth place.

1. Numatic Hetty
2. Bissell 3760E
3. Sebo Automatic X4 Extra
4. Numatic Henry
5. Miele S5260
The full top ten list is available on Reevoo’s blog Decide What to Buy.

Consumers loved Hetty’s ease of use and great performance – a whopping 100% of shoppers who bought the vacuum would recommend it. There were hardly any negative comments other than one reviewer commenting on its weight and another saying that they would prefer a bagless design.

Although Miele only got one model in the top five, they dominated the top ten with a total of five machines on the list. Most reviews for the Miele vacuums mentioned their superior suction.

In a bid to find out what kept Dyson out of the top five, Reevoo looked more closely into the reviews from shoppers. A breakdown of all the results by category is available here.

Reviewers rated the Dysons highly for performance and design but marked them down for ease of use – citing their weight and height as negatives.

Numerous reviewers found their Dyson hard to move around and, in the case of the Dyson DC071, its head “stops you getting close to certain edges, ie: under plinths, under tables etc”.

They were also criticised for the fact that you had to empty them too often, they were noisy and that their hoses were too short.

In a final blow for Dyson, one reviewer left this comment about Numatic’s Hetty: “easy to use and picks up brilliantly. Had 3 Dysons and this beats them all!!”


Note: List was compiled by looking at consumer scores for all vacuum cleaners with over 25 reviews

Shoppers can also keep up-to-date on the latest consumer news and reviews on Reevoo’s blog at

When shoppers buy goods online from any of Reevoo’s 52 retail partners, including Woolworths, Currys, Dixons and the Carphone Warehouse, they are asked to rate their purchases. Their comments – good, bad or indifferent – are then published on both the e-tailers’ websites and on

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