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Confirmit and Language Logic Announce Closer Integration for Improved Analysis of Surveys and Feedback Programs

Pierre Perrin-Monlouis Dernière mise à jour: 20 octobre 2021

NEW YORK, LONDON, OSLO – November 18, 2008: Confirmit and Language Logic have announced the closer integration of their software solutions to enable Confirmit users and their clients to gain better insight into customer, employee, or Market Research survey feedback.

In readiness for the launch of its new platform in early 2009, Confirmit has developed a new function within the Confirmit platform that connects to Language Logic’s industry-leading verbatim management application, Ascribe. Ascribe turns verbatim (open-end) survey responses into quantifiable feedback through a simple coding process. In basic terms, it creates a structure for unstructured data.

Once this process has taken place, the resulting structured data can easily be imported back into the Confirmit platform for analysis and reporting. This import function is a core development to the Confirmit platform and allows for data to be imported even when a survey is still in progress.

The entire process requires minimal training for Confirmit users and ensures that verbatim responses can be transformed quickly and easily into data that can be analyzed and acted upon.

Pat Molloy, Chief Strategy Officer at Confirmit, explains: “At the moment, it is traditionally very difficult for organizations running feedback programs or studies to gain proper insight from responses that are open-ended.

“For example, an organization may wish to know what its most profitable customers think of its service or products, and understand whether they are recommending them to friends or colleagues. It then needs to understand trends in this type feedback. This level of insight is difficult, if not impossible, to analyze from open-ended comments, so a structure must be imposed on those comments in order to rate and then analyze them within the context of the entire study.

“By integrating Ascribe’s capabilities with our own platform, we can provide our users with the means to create better, more accurate and deeper insight for better decision making.”

The development of this add-on means that Confirmit users will be able to perform the sophisticated reporting and analysis functions offered by Confirmit Reportal on survey responses that have been gathered in an unstructured way. As a result, they are able to analyze responses within the context of a whole survey or study.

Rich Thoman, President of Language Logic, comments: “Ascribe is a proven tool for boosting the productivity and accuracy of research projects and will give Confirmit users the ability to quickly, accurately and easily code their unstructured survey data.

“The work we are doing with Confirmit also opens up the opportunity for Confirmit users to take advantage of our new adaptive linguistic coding application, Ascribe VCS, which allows for almost total automation of the coding process.”

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