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Air Products’ Exclusively Licensed HiPOx® Water Treatment Technology Gets Boost with Title 22 Conditional Acceptance for Water Reuse in California

Pierre Perrin-Monlouis Dernière mise à jour: 20 octobre 2021

LEHIGH VALLEY, Pa. (December 4, 2008) – Air Products (NYSE: APD) today announced that HiPOx® technology, an ozone-based advanced oxidation process (AOP) water treatment technology, has been granted conditional acceptance by the California Department of Public Health for unrestricted water reuse under Title 22 of the California Code of Regulations. This clearance makes HiPOx the first ozone-based technology validated to meet disinfection criteria for treating wastewater and making it available for several water reuse applications including agricultural, landscaping, fish hatcheries, and a wide variety of potable and other industrial applications.

“This is very exciting news for our business,” said Debbie Anderson, Water Systems business development manager at Air Products. “Water quality and scarcity are major issues globally. In the United States, California tends to be at the forefront in setting the standard for regulations regarding water reuse. Since the HiPOx technology is the only ozone-based technology to be accepted under California’s Title 22 requirements, it provides a significant advantage for Air Products to be able to supply this offering to customers in the broad water reuse market.” Air Products holds the exclusive rights to market HiPOx technology, licensed from Applied Process Technology, Inc., in the United States and Canada for municipal wastewater and drinking water applications at designated flow rates.

HiPOx is a packaged water treatment system with a unique plug flow reactor that efficiently injects and mixes ozone with hydrogen peroxide to maximize the production of hydroxyl free radicals. Hydroxyl free radicals are the most powerful oxidant available for water treatment to destroy pathogens and difficult to treat organic contaminants including 1,4-dioxane, chlorinated solvents, petroleum hydrocarbons, and endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDC). HiPOx has the flexibility to operate in either ozone only mode or AOP mode with peroxide addition. Additionally, in the AOP mode, HiPOx technology has the capability to provide patented bromate control.

Beyond disinfection, several studies have been conducted on the presence of EDCs, pharmaceuticals, and other emerging contaminants in drinking water and wastewater. Ozone and ozone-based AOP have been shown to provide superior results over conventional ultra violet and chlorine-based disinfection technologies. While many EDCs and other trace organics are not yet regulated, it is anticipated these emerging compounds will guide water treatment design and technology selection in the future. HiPOx technology provides a superior platform for meeting both water reuse disinfection guidelines and destroying EDCs and other trace organics for the proactive protection of human health and the environment. To watch a video about how HiPOx works, visit the Air Products’ Water Systems E-Learning Center at /watersystems/elearning_center.htm.

“The acceptance of HiPOx technologies for the rigorous California Title 22 water reuse regulations is significant,” says Dr. Shane Snyder, a renowned water reuse expert and research and development project manager for the Southern Nevada Water Authority. “We have found the HiPOx system to provide exemplary oxidation of the vast majority of trace contaminants we have studied in reuse water. The HiPOx system is both efficient and effective for advanced water treatment needs.”

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