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Russian Power Supply Company, OJSC Mosenergosbyt Deploys Real-time Online Bill Payment Solution Based on Kabira(R) Technology and Developed By Jet Infosystems

Moscow, Russia – January 28, 2009 – Jet Infosystems, a leading system integrator in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and Kabira Technologies, a leader in high performance transaction processing software, today announced the successful deployment and implementation of a brand-new online automated bill payment system based on the Kabira Transaction Platform (KTP) software TM at OJSC Mosenergosbyt, the leading Russian power supply company. This new bill payment system is part of a global modernization program for OJSC Mosenergosbyt information systems. OJSC Mosenergosbyt is the country’s largest energy supply company, providing 6.9% of all the electric power generated in Russia (68 billion kWh per annum).

The new bill payment system is a distributed, multi-information solution built on the Kabira Transaction platform. This new payment system will manage the processing and reconciliation of electricity bill payments in real-time, for millions of clients.

In order to improve its customer service, OJSC Mosenergosbyt management decided to move to a payment infrastructure that provides enough flexibility and scalability to run payment processes in real-time. Jet Infosystems was chosen as the official system integrator for this project based on its experience and expertise in developing and deploying new payments infrastructures. The 64-bit memory-resident Kabira transaction processing platform was chosen because its extremely high transaction throughput and high-availability can support hundreds of business transactions per second. This new payment system is designed to process up to 300 business transactions per second during peak hours on a 4-way Sun Fire V490 Server.

The new payment system will enable OJSC Mosenergosbyt clients to pay their electricity bills though various payment channels offered by banks and partners, such as ATMs, self-service terminals, the Internet, etc. Online payment and payment via bank cashiers offers clients wide flexibility in controlling the timing of their payments.

The new payment system will enable automated reconciliation of OJSC Mosenergosbyt payment registers between banks, with the registers of settlement banks. This new payment system also will be integrated with the existing automated billing system used by OJSC Mosenergosbyt and will interact with external information systems of the company’s banks and partners.

“We have provided consumers with an opportunity to pay for their electricity in any way that is convenient for them, regardless of time and their location. Additionally, the money is credited to the customer’s personal account in near real-time,” said Andrew Kovalev, first deputy chief executive officer responsible for economic and financial issues at OJSC Mosenergosbyt.

“The introduction of this new payment system is an strong indication of the high degree of responsibility OJSC Mosenergosbyt exhibits and illustrates the company’s real concern for their customers,” said Oleg Kravchenko, director of energy companies at Jet Infosystems. “This project has been very challenging and allowed our team to demonstrate their highly-developed expertise and experience.”

“Utilities, like telecom service providers, are eager to provide their customers greater control over the services that they order and buy,” said Alexis Kappauf, sales manager, Kabira Technologies. “Our transaction processing platform is purposefully designed to securely process critical online and real-time bill payment transactions for utilities and telco services. It does this in a manner that smoothly integrates with a specific infrastructure, and as a result, cost-effectively supports the expansion of their business ecosystem. Being able to address these issues was key for this project. We are delighted with how OSJC Mosenergosbyt is expanding the use of online payment services in the Russian market and deploying such an innovative solution.”

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About Jet Infosystems
Jet Infosystems is one of the largest systems integrators in Russia and the CIS countries. The company offers a wide range of services for the development, establishment and maintenance of high-performance computer systems and networks, management of IT infrastructures, and IT services, solutions for information security. The company owns regional offices in eight cities in Russia – from St. Petersburg and Krasnodar to Vladivostok, as well as offices in Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan. Jet Infosystems also drives projects in Pakistan, Armenia, Georgia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

About OJSC Mosenergosbyt
OJSC Mosenergosbyt – the country’s largest power supply company, owning 6.9% of electrical energy in Russia and delivering electricity to more than 180.000 companies and nearly 6 million residential customers in Moscow and the Moscow region. Mosenergosbyt acts as a middleman between power producers and end consumers in Moscow. OJSC Mosenergosbyt operates on the territory of Moscow and the Moscow region. On September 1st, 2006, OJSC Mosenergosbyt obtained the status of Official Supplier of the Moscow region.

About Kabira Technologies Inc.
Kabira Technologies, Inc. (“Kabira”) has provided proven “extreme transaction processing” software to enterprises for over ten years. Designed to meet the demands of real-time, always-on business processes, Kabira’s products provide crucial infrastructure capabilities for mission-critical business applications, including card payment processing and charging and provisioning for real-time telecom services. Kabira software can be implemented rapidly with much higher performance and at substantially less cost than alternatives. Kabira products have been installed at over 100 customers, in more than 40 countries. VISA, ATT Corp., France Telecom, Bank of America, Alcatel and others rely on Kabira to support vital real-time business processes. Kabira Technologies is a privately held company.

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