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Oracle Introduces PeopleSoft Enterprise Workforce Communications to Provide HR Program and Survey Functionality

Gives HR Organizations Ability to Conduct Two-Way Dialogue and Focus on Strategic Initiatives to Cut Costs and Maximize Success
Redwood Shores, CA – February 11, 2009
News Facts
HR organizations are under increasing pressure to produce better results at a time when budget, personnel and other critical resources are limited. Success in this environment requires organizations to focus resources on the most strategic initiatives that provide the greatest value to the organization and align to organizational goals and objectives.
Today Oracle introduced PeopleSoft Enterprise Workforce Communications, a comprehensive solution for planning and delivering HR programs and surveys to the workforce that can help HR organizations address the challenges facing them today.
Oracle’s PeopleSoft Workforce Communications is the first fully-integrated bundled solution that allows HR organizations to deliver the right message to the right audience, capture workforce feedback and take action, gain program insight and quantify success.
Benefits enabled by PeopleSoft Workforce Communications for HR organizations include:
A reduced risk of non-compliance
The opportunity to improve productivity through increased employee engagement
An increased ability to identify over/under performing areas
An increased ability to identify workforce segments requiring additional training or development
Reductions in program costs by understanding needs
Increased ability to make the right decisions even in tough times
Additional Features and Details
PeopleSoft Enterprise Workforce Communications enables HR organizations to communicate relevant, targeted and personalized messages to specific workforce populations via a variety of online and off-line channels using rich, graphical content. A program or a set of related programs can be managed collaboratively from start to finish by people at all organizational levels.
Using PeopleSoft Workforce Communications, HR organizations can build and roll out personalized surveys to targeted groups of individuals, then score survey results for easy measurement and comparison. Surveys can also be submitted anonymously in order to preserve recipient confidentiality but still provide HR organizations with direct lines of communication and feedback from the workforce.
Reporting and analytics functions place decision-support tools in the hands of the decision makers, allowing them to make informed recommendations and take appropriate action. Analysts and managers at all levels can review, analyze and therefore quantify their HR initiatives.
Integration with PeopleSoft Enterprise Human Capital Management allows numerous HR attributes to be used for specifying target workforce populations, personalizing surveys and other communication, and for analyzing program results by different worker criteria.
Role and data level security features within PeopleSoft Enterprise Workforce Communications prevent illegal access to HR programs and surveys.
Oracle validated this solution with over 15 customers, including the City and County of Denver.
Supporting Quotes
“Organizations that are able to successfully combine HR programs and workforce survey data would surely create the potential to improve employee engagement. Being able to measure and understand the data from these programs and surveys has traditionally been very hard to capture in an integrated or related manner,” said Jim Holincheck, Managing Vice President, Gartner Research.
“The ability to engage in two-way dialogue with employees is an important characteristic of any HR organization,” said Linda S. Misegadis, CPP, Director, Payroll and HR Administration, Office of the Controller, City and County of Denver. “The capabilities of Oracle’s PeopleSoft Workforce Communications should make it easier to establish that dialogue, receive valuable input from our employees, and help us determine what might be the most effective programs to institute.”
“Oracle’s new PeopleSoft Workforce Communications solution is a very innovative and first of its kind offering, combining HR programs functionality with the ability to survey the workforce, all in a secure environment integrated with HR workforce data,” said John Webb, Vice President, Product Management for Oracle. “PeopleSoft Enterprise Workforce Communications has the potential to offer great value to organizations through improved employee engagement and the ability to understand where your organization is being successful and where you need to apply more attention or refocus efforts.”
Supporting Resources
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