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BSIF Safety Awards 2009

Raising the profile of safety in the workplace

The annual British Safety Industry Federation’s (BSIF) Safety Awards is a prestigious celebration of all that is finest in the UK safety industry. The Awards champion the importance of innovation and the highest standards of excellence when it comes to improving occupational health and safety.

David Lummis, BSIF, explained its relevance for 2009: “it is more important than ever to positively raise the profile of health and safety in the workplace. During a challenging economic period we have to accept that organisations will cut non essential spending. This means working all the harder to ensure that health and safety does not fall into the ‘optional extra category’. It is a necessity and needs to be recognised as such – which is why the BSIF Safety Awards are so key this year. ”

There are three categories in the BSIF Safety Awards, offering organisations the opportunity to showcase a diverse range of achievements:

BSIF Product Innovation Award – this is given to new innovative products that make a significant contribution to occupational health & safety.

BSIF Safety Service Award – awarded to companies within the safety field that offer both exceptional and innovative service solutions.

BISF Safety Excellence Awards – launched last year, this series of awards highlights activities which have improved the safety for employees of an organisation. This provides suppliers, consultants and installers the unique opportunity to promote advances they have made to prevent occupational accidents.

Last years, W C Willis & Co Ltd was a recipient of an award in this new category. Stuart Boyd, Director, outlined the significance of winning such an award: “Entry to a competition like the BSIF Award for Safety Excellence is an important tool for focusing the mind on how effective we really are when helping our customers with their problems. In difficult times it’s not enough to simply fulfil orders, we must find a way to set ourselves apart, to be different. That’s when service, technical competence and an understanding of what the products we sell can actually deliver becomes vitally important. Recognition when we get it right delivers the strongest message to our customers that we are a company on whom they can rely.”

The entries for all three Awards are judged by an independent panel of industry experts (all information submitted is treated as highly confidential) and the winners will be announced at a prestigious evening ceremony at Safety & Health Expo on 12th May.

For further information on participating in this year’s Awards and the closing date for entries, or for details on last year’s winners call the BSIF on 01745 585600 or visit


Notes to editors

Formed in 1994, the British Safety Industry Federation (BSIF) is the leading trade body within the safety industry and an HSE-recognised competent authority. Its members include manufacturers, distributors, test houses, certification bodies, safety professionals and service providers.

The Federation aims to support and represent suppliers of safety products and services across all aspects of safety legislation, standards making and major occupational safety issues, and has active links with a number of government departments and more than 120 representative trade bodies.

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