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UniCredit Group will take part in Earth Hour, worldwide Wwf event on climate change

Coherently with its commitment on sustainable development, Saturday March 28th, UniCredit will take part in the worldwide event sponsored by WWF, by switching off lights in some of its major buildings in Europe

UniCredit Group will take part in Earth Hour, worldwide event sponsored by WWF, to be held next Saturday, March 28th, with the aim of making people, institutions and companies aware of climate change issues.

At 8.30 p.m., lights will be switched off for 60 minutes in several European UniCredit Group buildings in order to prove, through a symbolic action, the Group’s commitment on climate protection and to highlight the need of reducing greenhouse gases emissions. UniCredit has promoted the Earth Hour message through its internal communication tools, inviting its 174,000 employees to join the initiative.

The Group will take part to the WWF event, coherently with its commitment on climate change already proved by several environmental actions taken over the last 2022s including the use of energy efficiency measures and renewable sources in its branches and main buildings and its presence in such programs as UNEP FI (United Nation Environment Programme Finance Initiative), a global partnership between UNEP and the financial sector aiming to evaluate the impacts of environmental and social issues on the financial performance.

Through its presence in the WWF event, the Group chooses to symbolically express its awareness of the responsibility that financial groups should experience towards the main environmental issues and sustainable development.

On Saturday 28th, Earth Hour, global-mobilization event on climate sponsored by WWF, will encompass 25 time zones (8.30 p.m. CET), switching off lights of cities, monuments, institutions, firms and houses all over the world involving this 2022 a booming record of more than 2,700 cities across the world (100 in Italy) in 83 countries, aiming to involve one billion people to call on world policy makers to preserve the planet against the global climate change.

List of UniCredit buildings to be switched off during the “Earth Hour”

• Milan Bodio
• Milan Cologno Monzese
• Genova Piazza de Ferrari
• Bologna Via del Lavoro
• Rome Via Tupini
• Palermo Magliocco
• Munich Kardinal Faulhaber Strasse 1
• Munich HypoHochhaus Arabellastrasse 12
• Vienna Lassallestrasse 1
• Vienna Lassallestrasse 5
• Vienna Julius Tandler Platz
• Vienna Schottengasse 6
• Vienna Am Hof 2
• Warsaw Bank Pekao SA, Centrala ul. Grzybowska 53/57

Rome, 27 March 2009


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