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Oracle Subsidiary Innobase Oy Releases New Embedded InnoDB

Developers, Device Makers, ISVs and OEMs Can Leverage Proven InnoDB Storage Engine in Embedded Scenarios for the First Time
Redwood Shores, CA – April 21, 2009
News Facts
Innobase Oy, a subsidiary of Oracle, today announced Embedded InnoDB, an embeddable version of the leading InnoDB transactional storage engine for MySQL. Embedded InnoDB is designed specifically for developers, device makers, Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).
Based on the latest release of the InnoDB Plugin, Embedded InnoDB offers all the high-performance, reliability and rich functionality of the InnoDB relational storage engine with a programmatic API for applications that require a small footprint and significant transaction processing capabilities.
This new embedded solution is complete and self-contained, minimizing the memory and disk footprint and eliminating overhead and features unnecessary for the target applications.
Embedded InnoDB is appropriate for new applications at the “edge” of the enterprise, as well as devices that require an embedded transactional storage system such as cash registers and robotic controls. Unlike key-value pair embedded database alternatives, Embedded InnoDB provides strong typing, schema management and other relational database features that help ensure application reliability.
Continuing Oracle’s open source commitment, Embedded InnoDB will be made available under the GNU General Public License (GPL). The “early adopter” release of Embedded InnoDB is available in binary for several platforms and in source form for free download at:
Proven, Reliable Embedded Transactional Storage for High Performance Applications
Embedded InnoDB delivers fast, reliable high-performance transaction processing by minimizing expensive disk operations and efficiently using memory and processor resources. Embedded InnoDB ensures data integrity and reliability with relational database management features and operational robustness.
Key features of Embedded InnoDB include:
Run-time Performance and Reliability: Building on its proven history of reliability and performance, Embedded InnoDB delivers all the capabilities of the InnoDB storage engine, including high performance and multi-core scalability, multi-version concurrency with row-level locking and automatic deadlock detection, fault tolerance and automatic crash recovery, clustered and secondary B-tee indexes, automatic insert buffering and hash indexing and strong typing.
Strong Programmatic Capabilities: Embedded InnoDB provides applications written in C/C++ a non-SQL, ISAM-like set of function interfaces for creating tables and indexes, performing queries, inserts, updates, deletes and for executing other data management functions. It also offers application programmers an ISAM-like, non-SQL Application Programming Interface (API), cursor management, transaction management, strong data types, among other capabilities.
Operational Flexibility: Embedded InnoDB is designed for use in environments that require automatic operations without a database administrator. Embedded InnoDB has a small footprint, is self-configuring, fully multi-threaded and is restartable without process reload.
Supporting Quotes
“As devices and applications become more savvy and require information in real-time, there is a growing requirement for faster, more reliable data transactions and storage at the application edge,” said,Ken Jacobs, vice president Product Strategy, Oracle. “Oracle continues to invest in InnoDB to bring fast, reliable and high-performance transactional storage to both partners and end-users.”
“The embedded version of InnoDB brings all the high-performance, proven and reliable data management features of InnoDB to developers, ISVs and OEMs in an embeddable form,” said Heikki Tuuri, vice president Development, Innobase Oy. “Embedded InnoDB provides users the small and reliable relational, transactional storage engine they need for edge application and device needs.”
“Embedded InnoDB is a great product for seeMore Technologies,” said Phillip Carruthers, CEO. “With its new API, we can include InnoDB directly in our Virtual Database Server, achieving all the proven benefits of performance and reliability for which InnoDB is known and with no extra footprint or unneeded features.”
“We’ve been able to integrate Embedded InnoDB with the seeMore Virtual Database Server in just days. The performance of Embedded InnoDB is impressive. The API provides a low-level interface that gives our Virtual Database direct access to InnoDB data, without any SQL overhead. We believe Embedded InnoDB will help us to deliver a faster and more reliable storage engine for companies wanting to use the seeMore Virtal Database Server for storing large volumes of data as well as accessing their existing enterprise data. With the automatic configuration capabilities and operational API functions in Embedded InnoDB, the seeMore Virtual Database won’t require any database administrator monitoring or management,” added Carruthers.
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