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Agilent Technologies Introduces Next Generation Capillary Electrophoresis System Featuring 10x Superior Sensitivity

Agilent Technologies Inc., (NYSE: A) today introduced its next generation Agilent 7100 Capillary Electrophoresis (CE) system, providing at least 10 times more sensitivity than any other commercial CE instrument.

“We consider electrophoresis to be one of our core technologies and are seeing strong interest in CE in a number of areas, such as new biological drug QA/QC, environmental analysis, food safety and life sciences,” said Nitin Sood, General Manager of Agilent’s Electrophoresis business. “Used in standalone mode, as the separations component of a CE/MS or as a complementary, orthogonal technology to LC, Agilent’s new 7100 CE system brings unprecedented HPLC-like sensitivity to a wide range of analytical challenges.”

CE is also attracting attention because the technique uses very small amounts of solvent. The new 7100 system also requires 25 percent less bench space, weighs 30 percent less than its predecessor and uses less power.

The superior sensitivity is a result of a new detector used in combination with proprietary extended light path capillaries or a high-sensitivity cell. The Agilent 7100 is 10-20 times more sensitive than other CE instruments.

The Agilent 7100 offers the industry’s widest selection of detectors for flexibility and sensitivity, and the new instrument is reverse-compatible to the previous Agilent CE platform, so existing methods can continue to be used. The instrument performs the full range of CE separation techniques, including capillary electrochromatography for fast separation of closely related compounds. Its standard replenishment system provides high-throughput for unattended operation, and has been improved to use less buffer for the replenishment function.

The Agilent 7100 CE system was designed to enhance productivity, reliability and ease of use. The new, rugged internal pressure system and improved capillary cooler supports higher currents and/or larger capillary diameters to increase throughput and also to enable a wider range of applications. In addition, the system comes with a new Chemstation software with an easy-to-use graphical user interface and an improved method setup that minimizes start-up and training time.

The system’s modular architecture allows fast, easy access to electrodes, prepunchers, electronics and tubing to facilitate routine maintenance and servicing. The quick-change, self-aligning capillary cartridge can be changed out in seconds. It is compatible with all commercially available capillaries.

Plug-and-Play CE/MS

The Agilent 7100 CE provides plug-and-play connectivity to Agilent mass spectrometers (MS), combining the short analysis time and high separation efficiency of CE with the molecular weight and structural information of MS. These include the single quadrupole, time-of-flight, ion trap, triple quadrupole, ICP and quadrupole time-of-flight MS systems. Agilent is the only company to offer a fully integrated CE/MS solution, with all system components coming from a single vendor.

“While adding best-in-class performance, we were careful to preserve the reliability that Agilent CE systems have become known for over the last 16 2022s,” said Tobias Preckel, Agilent product manager, Capillary Electrophoresis.

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