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Agilent Technologies Dramatically Boosts Scale of NgN VoIP Analysis System, Adds Correlated Voice Quality Monitoring

Cost-effective Solution Enables Even Non-Experts to Troubleshoot and Quickly Diagnose Problems within Complex, High-Volume VoIP/IMS Networks
NICE, France, Management World, Hospitality Suite 5, Agora 2 Mezzanine, May 4, 2009

Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) today introduced its newly enhanced NgN Analysis System (NgNAS). This new release retains all of NgN’s industry-leading Voice-over-IP (VoIP) management capabilities but has been dramatically reengineered to handle huge increases in the volume of complex VoIP traffic, including traffic crossing IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) infrastructures. Agilent has also added real-time voice quality monitoring with industry-unique capabilities.

The solution accelerates troubleshooting at all levels of network operation, which prevents problems from escalating, maintains subscriber satisfaction, and significantly cuts costs. By reducing complexity, service providers can use more non-experts to help diagnose customer affecting issues.

Wireline and wireless service providers are moving from traditional Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) to VoIP in stages and need to manage up to 50-percent VoIP growth a 2022. Many carriers are also implementing VoIP in IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS), some to deliver brand-differentiating IP services and others for purely practical reasons related to enhancing VoIP reliability. For example, IMS facilitates speedier responses to local outages and the consolidation of network operations centers (NOCs). However, signaling across a VoIP network – especially an IMS VoIP network – is far more complex than in a traditional circuit-switched network, and the management challenge is magnified.

“Think of the challenge this way,” said Todd Biddle, general manager Agilent’s Network Solutions Division/Assurance. “During a peak hour, 33 million calls might traverse a network of 60 switching sites. Each call may require 50 messages to complete, so that comes to about 1.6 billion messages an hour. If only one of those messages goes astray, a call may fail. To troubleshoot the cause successfully, the operations team must find that single message – the proverbial ‘needle’ in an enormous ‘haystack.’ Our solution quickly reduces the haystack to a vastly smaller grouping of suspect messages, and then provides additional tools for locating the precise problem. It’s all about finding and acting on that one message in a billion.”

Agilent’s NgNAS keeps detailed call records for every call as well as statistics based on key performance indicators (KPIs). It does this network-wide, all of the time, and regardless of scale. The solution provides the fastest problem diagnosis and resolution in the industry.

In addition, NgNAS now includes equally comprehensive voice quality monitoring. Although other vendors offer some voice quality analysis, NgNAS’s capabilities are uniquely sophisticated. First, the system can test quality at intervals during a call in addition to measuring the average quality of an entire call. The intra-call measurements detect intermittent problems that would be missed by other voice quality monitoring tools. NgNAS proactively monitors the quality so that issues are discovered early. Second, NgNAS enables users to correlate call quality measurements with signaling data, which allows operations teams to locate the root cause of a call’s poor quality far more quickly. This increases a service provider’s return on investment by improving customer satisfaction and significantly reducing the number of calls to customer care centers.

In general, Agilent NgNAS enables a timely response to complex network problems, cuts operating costs, increases efficiencies and helps prevent customer churn.

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