AMD Advances its Commitment to OpenCL for GPU With Review by Standards Body


Industry standard allows developers to tap into power of ATI Stream to accelerate demanding software applications on AMD platforms

Sunnyvale, Calif. –9/21/2009
AMD (NYSE: AMD) announced submission of conformance logs for its OpenCL graphics processing unit (GPU) implementation to the Khronos Working Group and awaits certification. The GPU submission puts AMD one step closer to being the only semiconductor provider to offer both GPU and central processing unit (CPU) development environments for OpenCL. AMD’s ATI Stream technology leverages OpenCL to help developers more easily divide software workloads between the CPU and GPU for more efficient execution.

Other recent ATI Stream milestones:

AMD was the first company to deliver a public beta release of an OpenCL software development platform for x86-based CPUs on August 5, 2009. The OpenCL for CPU implementation was certified conformant by Khronos on September 3, 2009.
The complete ATI Stream SDK v2.0 for CPU and GPU software development using OpenCL is planned for full release later this year.
To further meet the ATI Stream developer community’s needs, AMD has successfully completed the migration of its Brook+ project to SourceForge. SourceForge is a centralized online location for software developers to control and manage open source software, where the developer community can continue to work with and evolve the Brook+ code.
AMD’s upcoming next generation ATI Radeon™ family of DirectX™ 11 enabled graphics processors are expected to be the first to support accelerated processing on the GPU through DirectCompute.
Supporting Quotes

“The momentum behind AMD’s OpenCL implementation and ATI Stream technology has been building throughout the year, with an increasing number of software and hardware vendors joining AMD in supporting the open standard,” said Ben Bar-Haim, vice president of AMD software development. “Submitting a GPU conformance candidate to the standards body means we are encouraging software developers to fully utilize the processing capabilities of both our multi-core CPUs and our GPUs to create a more compelling user experience.”


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