AMD Delivers New Platform Solution for Enterprise-Class Embedded Systems


Quad-Core AMD Opteron™ processor with AMD server chipset provides new capabilities for edge-of-network solutions

BOSTON –9/21/2009
At the Embedded Systems Conference today, AMD (NYSE: AMD) announced immediate availability of a new enterprise-class embedded platform based on the Quad-Core AMD Opteron™ processor and new AMD SR5690/SP5100 server chipset. Seven AMD Opteron processors in three power bands, in conjunction with the new low-power chipset, allow high-end embedded vendors to enable increased performance-per-watt* for edge-of-network systems such as telecom/datacom, storage, and security servers, and routers and switches.

This comprehensive platform offers:

increased performance* enabled for virtualized and multithreaded embedded applications;
enhanced NEBS-friendly thermal specification;
single source for design and tight technology integration support among CPUs, chipsets and GPUs;
compatibility between processor generations and 5 year component longevity to support long-life designs;
a high-performance, low power chipset with PCIe® 2.0, HyperTransport™ 3 technology and advanced AMD Virtualization™ (AMD-V™) technology and AMD-P power management features.
“The gap in performance and power efficiency requirements is closing between typical datacenter servers and edge-of-network systems,” said Patrick Patla, vice president and general manager, Server and Embedded Business, AMD. “Our embedded customers have long appreciated the low power, time-to-market benefits, and balanced system performance of AMD’s Direct Connect Architecture. Now, our commitment to the embedded market is stronger than ever as we bring new levels of performance combined with AMD’s new server chipset to our embedded customers in enterprise markets.”

Customer Perspectives

“Today, Dot Hill is offering a unique solution developed in conjunction with the low power AMD SR5690/SP5100 chipset,” said Andy Mills, vice president, Marketing and Business Development, Dot Hill Systems. “Our RAIDCore Virtual RAID Adapter solution offers enterprise customers sophisticated RAID capabilities. With AMD’s multicore CPUs powering Dot Hill RAIDCore VRA technology, users have the ability to effectively process RAID tasks without compromising performance needed for other operations.”

“Our ATC6239 AdvancedTCA blade server supports two 45nm Quad-Core AMD Opteron processors,” said Patrick Welzien, VP of Engineering for Diversified Technology, Inc. “These high-performance, low-power CPUs from AMD help us deliver greater performance on high-bandwidth networks and help maintain the strict overall system power limit of the ATCA specification.”

“Our ATCA-F1 blade has repeatedly performed beyond our military and telecom customers’ expectations in real-world applications, » said Michael Darnell, VP of PDSi’s Embedded Products Group. “The Quad-Core AMD Opteron processor provides superior performance in the same power and thermal envelopes as prior generations, and is socket-compatible with our existing F1 blade. As a result, we have been able to quickly get our new product into the hands of customers who are eager to evaluate this latest level of performance. »

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*Compared to Dual-Core AMD Opteron™ processor-based systems.


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