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Agfa presents PETix (TM), an innovative range of polyester films for ID and smart card markets

At the Cartes 2009 tradeshow (Paris, November 17-19, 2009), Agfa will present PETixTM, a new and innovative range of crystalline polyester films for, a.o., the production of ID cards, drivers licenses, financial cards, cards for mass transport.

Standard crystalline polyester cannot be used for laminated card manufacturing. Therefore Agfa has developed PETixTM, an enhanced and innovative range of PET films tailored to the card makers’ specific needs of today. Crystalline polyester (PET) is a material that has the characteristics that are becoming increasingly important for all kind of card applications. Card makers will use this highly robust plastic film to produce cards with the best-in-class resistance against mechanical and chemical influences. Because the films can be combined with standard PVC core films, inlays and are highly compatible with standard card manufacturing processes, their usage does not come at a prohibitive cost for card makers.

“Agfa is a longtime leader in the production of materials and systems for high-end ID documents. We have won prestigious projects around the world, such as the paper/polyester French national ID card and the e-ID card of Morocco, the world’s first contactless national ID card in credit card size and made of 100% polyester. We have developed the new PETix films to bring the well-known advantages of crystalline polyester also to the broader market of smart card manufacturing “, says Peter Willaert, Agfa’s ID&S Marketing & Sales Director.

The Agfa PETix portfolio consists of the following films each targeting specific market segments:

PETix OL, a PET overlay that gives standard PVC cards an extended service life and scratch resistance, while being perfectly compatible with standard PVC card making processes. Aimed at the production of all kinds of smart cards that need longer life times and higher service temperatures.

PETix LE and OLE, PET films that offer a superb laser engraving quality. OLE film can be used as such; LE film must be combined with PETix OL film. These films are aimed at the production of highly durable, high-security ID cards and driver licenses, for which high-end security printing is combined with high quality

PETix PFW, a white film that is perfectly printable with standard PVC inks but can be laminated with thin PVC overlays for subsequent dye-sub personalization (direct or retransfer). Aimed at the production of cards that need longer life times and higher service temperatures in combination with dye-sub personalization.

PETix PFT, a transparent film that is perfectly printable and can be combined with PETix LE and PVC overlays. The resulting card is durable and combines both dye-sub and laser engraving personalization in one card. Aimed at the production of durable ID cards with dual personalization: colour dye-sub and crisp, secure laser-engraving.

About Agfa
The Agfa-Gevaert Group is one of the world’s leading companies in imaging and information technology. Agfa develops, manufactures and markets analogue and digital systems for the printing industry (Agfa Graphics), for the healthcare sector (Agfa Healthcare), and for specific industrial applications such as the ID&S industry (Agfa Materials)

Agfa is headquartered in Mortsel, Belgium. The company has sales organizations in 40 countries and has agents in another 100 countries around the globe. The Agfa-Gevaert Group achieved a turnover of 3,032 million euros in 2008.

Agfa has a long-standing experience and many prestigious references in the world of durable, secure ID documents. Over 100 years of innovation in high-tech film extrusion, chemical engineering, imaging know-how and system design have resulted in the development of key materials for modern ID document and smart card production.

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