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Alchemy Solutions Revolutionises MIPS Management, Reduces Mainframe Migration Risk with NeoData zLink

‘—Flexible, Cost-saving Solution Enables Companies to Maintain Applications Data on Mainframe and Choose Best Platform for Hosting–

BEND, Oregon – January 25, 2010 –Alchemy Solutions, Inc., (, a leading provider of legacy modernisation solutions, today unveiled NeoData zLink, a mainframe innovation offering unique flexibility for organisations considering migrating mainframe applications and data to Microsoft .NET. By enabling legacy applications to continue using data that still resides on the mainframe, NeoData zLink allows companies to easily choose what is moved from the mainframe to .NET, a game-changing approach that eliminates the requirement for mainframe migration to be an all-or-nothing proposition.

Without code changes, NeoData zLink enables users to target specific applications, or subsets of applications, for re-hosting without having to move all their associated VSAM or DB2 data. Organizations then have the option of continuing their migration by moving the data to native SQL Server using NeoData for SQL Server.

“NeoData zLink delivers the unique capability to migrate specific applications off the mainframe to the Microsoft .NET platform without requiring the migration of its associated data,” said Ron Langer, general manager for Alchemy Solutions. “Up until today, migrating to the .NET Framework required organizations to either look for application systems that are totally independent of other systems, or migrate all the systems at one time. NeoData zLink eliminates that constriction; it’s a real game-changer.”

NeoData zLink is especially beneficial to companies that do not intend to completely migrate off their mainframe, but are more focused on controlling MIPS growth. By quickly moving non-mission critical applications to .NET, without having to worry about the data, organizations can create the space needed on the mainframe to avoid costly upgrades, as well as undertake new development projects.

“Many mainframe organizations are searching for ways to manage the evolution of this mission critical platform to meet new business demands while reducing costs,” said Dale Vecchio, Gartner Research vice president. “The ability to transition certain workload without having to disrupt the enterprise data environment enables more organizations to manage MIPS growth over time, controlling software costs.”

For companies that are hesitant to move forward with re-hosting projects, NeoData zLink eliminates risk, as well as delayed benefits, associated with the all-or-nothing, lift-and-shift approach. Organizations can now start with select applications before fully committing to the new platform. In addition to the new flexibility and reduced risk, NeoData zLink delivers the benefits of migration faster, since organizations no longer are required to move data with the applications.

When combined with NeoServices, a solution to service-enable applications running on the mainframe, or NeoKicks, organizations can be selective and opportunistic about what to migrate, what to integrate, and what to leave alone.

“We encounter many companies that want to offload some of their mainframe workload but are not ready to move everything,” said Langer. “An innovation like NeoData zLink helps companies overcome their specific technology challenges to improve their business. By freeing up mainframe MIPS, companies can reduce costs and quickly reassign those MIPS to other rapidly growing applications.”

NeoData zLink is available immediately.

About Alchemy Solutions
Alchemy Solutions ( is a leading provider of technology solutions that help organizations integrate legacy applications with the latest Microsoft Windows technologies, including Visual Studio and the .NET Framework. The company’s technology enables significant cost savings by moving applications and data from expensive mainframe platforms to cost-effective Windows environments. The Alchemy Solutions suite includes NeoKicks™, NeoBatch®, NeoSort™, NeoData™ and NeoServices™ enabling the modernization of mission critical CICS and batch applications within the Microsoft .NET environment. Additionally, Alchemy Solutions, and its worldwide network of partners, distribute the Fujitsu NetCOBOL family of runtime-free COBOL compilers outside of Japan. Alchemy Solutions, Inc. is a privately held corporation with headquarters in Bend, Oregon. The company resulted from the 2008 acquisition of the Legacy Modernization Group of Fujitsu Computer Systems.

Fujitsu and NetCOBOL are registered trademarks of Fujitsu Ltd. in the United States and other countries. Alchemy Solutions, NeoKicks, NeoBatch, NeoSort, NeoData and NeoServices are trademarks or registered trademarks of Alchemy Solutions, Inc. in the United States and other countries.


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