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Capesso™ LTE a Hit with Vendors

Symena supplies automatic cell planning tools to 8 of the top ten LTE vendors

4 January 2010, VIENNA, Austria:

Symena, the market leader in automatic cell planning (ACP) tools, announced today that it has delivered Capesso™ LTE to eight of the top ten LTE equipment vendors for use in designing the next generation of radio networks. Capesso™ LTE is being used to design networks in Europe, Asia and North America with the market leading tools ATOLL from Forsk and Mentum Planet. The deliveries confirm Capesso™ LTE as the leading ACP tool. Greenfield™, Symena’s super fast radio network design and dimensioning tool, has also been invaluable in early design generation with several vendors.

“The design challenge for LTE is immense,” commented Symena’s Managing Director, Dr Thomas Neubauer. “There are several new design parameters for LTE that were not there with UMTS and CDMA. They include things like MIMO, several frequency bands, variable bandwidths and adaptive coding and modulation. Each of those has a significant impact on the business case for LTE deployment. Vendors are finding that the easy way to meet the challenge and to deliver great design results is to use Capesso™.”

The experience with LTE vendors has given Symena a unique understanding of LTE radio network configuration. As radio network configuration is a core component of self organizing networks (SON) this invaluable experience is being incorporated in Symena’s SON configuration server, SONnovo™.

Capesso™ LTE and Greenfield™ will be demonstrated at Symena’s stand at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain from 15 to 18 February 2010.

About Symena
Symena’s Capesso™ range of automatic cell planning and other tools deliver significantly improved coverage, quality and capacity with reduced expenditure. This promise depends on Symena’s leading edge knowledge of the latest standards and technologies combined with deep and extensively tested automatic cell planning expertise.

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