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Xtract powers next evolution in mobile social intelligence with upgrade to Social Links

Xtract’s superior social analytics tool helps operators drive revenue and reduce churn

FINLAND, 16 February, 2010 – Xtract, the leading provider of social intelligence-based analytics solutions, announced today an upgrade to its flagship social intelligence platform, Social Links. Social Links enables network operators to analyse the behaviours and interactions of mobile subscribers within the network, helping them to monitor and identify the best targets for revenue generating targeted messaging campaigns. Key benefits of the new platform include product launch capabilities for totally new kinds of products, increased personalisation features and new dashboard reporting functionality, allowing operators to effectively monitor churn virality across the mobile network. Social Links is already helping operators worldwide and in one recent case gave the selected operator a percentage product take-up almost 4 times that of the competition.

Mobile subscribers increasingly seek to engage with more applications and enriched services. Industry analysts predict the app download market to generate revenue of up to $4.2 billion by 2013[1] and research predicts that mobile application store users will quadruple to more than 100 million in five years[2]. This presents a major revenue-generation opportunity for operators. On the other hand, churn continues to be a major threat, especially in volatile prepaid markets. Randomly or poorly targeted marketing will result in a lost opportunity in both cases. Xtract has seen several examples in prepaid markets, where incentivising subscribers, who were not going to churn, with campaign offers actually destroys secured revenue. Another recent phenomenon has been to launch new services to subscribers with SNA, but relying only on non-contextual influencers to drive the launch virally – leading to failure.

Xtract believes that successful targeting relies on the operator’s ability to analyse a combination of a mobile subscribers’ propensity to do something, combined with their influence within the fabric of the network. The analysis of mobile subscribers’ social context aware propensity to do something, combined with their influence has proven itself in Xtract’s Social Links platform. It allows operators to effectively harness key influencing factors of customer pull and target even subscriber groups that have traditionally been more challenging to reach, particularly the pre-paid market which makes up 77% of global subscriber share. Social Links also allows operators to benefit from the value of demographic prediction capabilities in targeting pre-paid subscribers, as well as the power of predictive social network analytics (SNA) in churn prevention, new product launches and the top-up marketing required for operators to retain a loyal pre-paid subscriber base.

“Over the past twelve months, we have witnessed a shift in industry perception in the value of social network analytics, as the idea has evolved from initial hype and buzz of conception through to a mature, valuable network asset. As a result, many operators are beginning to recognise the business benefits of analytics as a solution to unlocking the gates to previously untapped revenue y,” said Mikko Röntynen, Product Marketing Manager, Xtract. “As leader in this continually developing space, Xtract is ideally placed to forge the way in driving increased awareness of its value and benefits. Our platform allows us to build further on the success of our pioneering technology, enabling mobile operators to expose and harness the value of subscriber network interactions and drive valuable revenue opportunities through a combination of greater understanding, sophisticated product marketing and targeted, personalised campaigns.”

The key benefits of Social Links 3.5 include:
• Product launch capability: Operators are able to use analytics for the launch of more targeted, novel kinds of products
• Tagging targets: The predictive analytics of Social Links produces a scoring list for campaign targeting. Social Links analyses subscribers in the target list, and targets with specific features can be tagged to further personalise messages, media and offers for smaller subgroups. New dashboard reporting on churn virality in the operator’s network.

About Xtract and Social Links
Xtract is the leading provider of Social Intelligence based analytic solutions and services to mobile operators. Its tools analyse the wealth of customer profile and service usage data to predict the propensity of subscribers and those in their social network to either churn or increase spend, and influence others to do likewise. Consumer behavior is analysed on a far deeper level than by using historical data alone, also gaining insight into and understanding how customers communicate with each other, and who are the most influential in the network. Xtract also provides custom analytics to other verticals especially in the Finnish market. The core offering is dynamic segmentation based on rich data feeds, with other applications include optimization and fraud detection.

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