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Unique Blackberry App From Movius Ends Dropped Call Frustration

The frustration of dropped calls – still a common problem for millions of mobile users around the world – has been ended for Blackberry users thanks to an innovative application from mobile messaging giant Movius.

SnapBack from Movius, demonstrated this week at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, is a unique application for Blackberry users, which runs automatically in the background and then automatically re-connects a dropped call when a signal returns to the device.

Even today, dropped calls are a common frustration, whether they occur in the largest cities or the most remote locations. Last September research from engadget mobile showed that AT&T dropped call rates averaged a shocking 30 per cent in New York City, while in Africa, a survey conducted by Nigerian Telecom News said that more than 70 per cent of respondents experienced regular problems from their network provider.

“SnapBack is great for users, but it also represents a great opportunity for the operator,” said Movius’ Senior Vice President of Products and Technology, Jay Whitehurst.

“With SnapBack, the operator’s Blackberry customers can have a unique and helpful application that can bring increased customer loyalty, while the operator has the opportunity to either charge for the service or to sell advertising at the point where the message screen tells the customer his call is being returned”.

SnapBack has been available in select markets direct to consumers via the Blackberry App World since late 2009 but now they are making this available to carriers to offer to their subscribers worldwide.

The SnapBack application monitors a call connection as soon as it is established and an in-built validation makes sure only dropped calls are re-connected. The re-connect option screen also gives the option to cancel the re-connection if required.

The Movius Blackberry breakthrough came as the latest innovation from the company in Barcelona. It unveiled a new application that is set to dramatically cut the number of devices people need to carry, as well as putting them firmly back in control of their communications and their lifestyles. Flexible Number Service, will let people who wish to keep their business and social lives apart, do so while running just one device. Flexible Number Service, which can actually handle up to three lines from one phone, also has enormous potential in developing countries, where local entrepreneurs may operate several small-scale enterprises but cannot afford phones for each business they run.

Movius is headquartered in Atlanta in the United States. It is one of the leading players in messaging, collaboration and mobile media and works with carriers to increase ARPU (average revenue per user), reduce churn and increase market share through innovative value add applications.

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