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EADS To Sign Technology Cooperation Agreement With Norsk Titanium Components

Pierre Perrin-Monlouis Dernière mise à jour: 20 octobre 2021

EADS is to enter into a cooperation agreement with Norsk Titanium Components (NTiC) covering the development of near net shape plasma-based layer manufacturing technologies for aerospace, defence and space applications. The agreement, which will be signed in Oslo on Monday March 15, falls within the framework of EADS’ industrial cooperation strategy for Norway in the fields of research, development and production.

NTiC has developed a near net shape additive layer manufacturing technology that enables the production of high quality titanium components at a competitive cost. This process transforms inexpensive titanium feedstock into advanced components that are up to 90% finished in just three processing steps. It significantly reduces the amount of raw material that has to be machined away to make complex parts. Titanium and lightweight titanium alloys are used widely in the aerospace industry.

“EADS Innovation Works is very pleased to collaborate with Norsk Titanium Components. Our cooperation with this partner will allow us to leverage our research activities in the important areas of additive layer manufacturing technology and examine how we can better integrate its use in our research and production activities,” said Yann Barbaux, Head of EADS Innovation Works, the research and technology arm of EADS.

“The cooperation agreement with EADS represents a major milestone for NTiC as we see it as a confirmation of the potential of our technology,” said Petter Gjorvad, CEO of Norsk Titanium. “The defence and aerospace industries are the main markets for our advanced titanium components, and with the EADS support we will be able to qualify for and deliver to these industries faster, while at the same time develop our technology further,” he added.

The NTiC cooperation is supported by the Norwegian Ministry of Defence and Ministry of Trade and Industry. The agreement will be a key step for NTiC to become a significant supplier to the important aerospace and defence market for titanium components. NTiC will cooperate with EADS Innovation Works as well as EADS Divisions such as Airbus and EADS Astrium.

EADS’ new Norwegian subsidiary, EADS Norway NUF, officially started operations in February, 2010.
About EADSEADS is a global leader in aerospace, defence and related services. In 2009, the group – comprising Airbus, Eurocopter, EADS Astrium and EADS Defence & Security – generated revenues of € 42.8 billion and employed a workforce of about 119,500.
About Norsk Titanium ComponentsNorsk Titanium Components AS is part of the Scatec Group, a company that focuses on renewable energy and environmentally friendly “advanced materials”. Norsk Titanium Components AS was established in 2007 with the objective to create a leading ”near net shape” titanium manufacturing business based on new plasma transfer arc additive layer manufacturing technology. Serving the oil and gas, the defense and the aerospace and space industries, Norsk Titanium Components AS develops and manufactures advanced titanium components at a significantly lower cost than with traditional technology. This is enabled by the use of inexpensive feedstock, low manning and fewer energy consuming processing steps, in addition to shaping the product as close to its final shape as possible, reducing waste and the need for machining significantly.

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