Eni Award 2010: Awards presented for excellence in international scientific research

20 octobre 2021 Pierre Perrin-Monlouis

eni award is recognized by the international scientific community as one of the most prestigious prizes

R ome , June 9 2010 – The eni award 2010 was presented today in the Salone delle Feste of the Quirinale, the official residence of the President of Italy, in a ceremony attended by President Giorgio Napolitano, Eni Chairman Roberto Poli and Eni Managing Director Paolo Scaroni.

The award was established by Eni in 2007 to benchmark international research in the fields of energy and the environment and the international scientific community already considers it to be one of the most prestigious prizes in this area. The scientific commission which assesses candidates and awards the prizes has 24 prestigious members including two Nobel laureates, Harold Kroto and Alan Heeger, the chancellors of three important universities and researchers and scientists from the world’s most prominent teaching and research institutes.

In 2008, the prestigious award was presented to J. Craig Venter for his genetic research permitting synthesis of a chromosome in the laboratory, a development which permitted the recent construction of an artificial cell.

The success and growing importance of the awards are demonstrated by the large number of applications received this year from prominent scientists and researchers all over the world: there were 792 candidates from every continent, 82% more than in 2009 and 374% more than in 2008.

Eni has recently completed an important strategic restructuring of its research organisation and activities, undertaking developments to significantly improve the quality of the results achieved. This has included partnerships with prestigious international research institutes such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) of Boston, with which it opened a Solar Frontiers Center last month to promote research into advanced solar technologies with projects ranging from new photovoltaic materials to production of hydrogen from solar energy, and important agreements for cooperation with a number of Italian universities. The signature of these agreements and restructuring of its research work have allowed eni to more than double the number of patent applications filed per year since 2006, including some world-wide patents in the field of renewable energy and environmental protection.

This year, in keeping with this theme of evolution, the eni award has been assigned to activities characterising strategic guidelines for research in society, including eni’s total commitment to sustainable energy and environmental protection. The prize was presented for the new frontiers in hydrocarbons, renewable and unconventional energies, environmental protection and debuts in research.

The New Frontiers in Hydrocarbons Award was presented to both Spanish studio, Avelino Corma of Instituto De Tecnologia Quimica Upv-Csic in Valencia, and Australian researcher Mark Knackstedt of the Australian National University in Canberra. The award is presented for research into innovative technologies and frontiers in exploration, advanced recovery, development, refining, transportation and distribution of petroleum and natural gas.

The Renewable and Unconventional Energies Award for advanced research and development in renewable and unconventional forms of energy was awarded to American researcher Angela Belcher of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston.

The Environmental Protection Award was presented to French researcher François Morel of Princeton University. The award recognises significant results in research and innovation in the impact of human activities on the natural environment, with reference to environmental protection and reclamation, with a particular focus on innovative research and technologies for fighting local pollutants and greenhouse gases such as CO2.

The two R esearch Debut Awards are awarded to young Italian researchers to promote research in Italy. This year they were awarded to Lorenzo Fagiano and Matteo Mauro for work in the same areas as the three international awards: research and technological innovation in the field of hydrocarbons, renewable and unconventional energy sources and environmental protection and reclamation.

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