American Express® and FlexPaths® Release White Paper That Links Flexible Work with Improved Wellbeing and Performance

20 octobre 2021 Pierre Perrin-Monlouis

American Express Company and FlexPaths, LLC today released a report, Creating Sustainable Organizations that provides innovative insights to creating an integrated approach to workplace health promotion, flexible work arrangements and employee engagement.

Written by renowned author, Graham Lowe, Ph.D., an expert on work and organizations, the report focuses on the link between overall wellbeing of employees, including mental and physical health, work and personal life integration.

“We believe this research is important to help others learn about creating sustainable organizations through wellness initiatives, worklife programs and flexible work styles,” said Vice President, Jim Rottman of Global Human Resources at American Express.

“Together we are evolving and expanding the current perspective on sustainability from the physical environment to the workplace environment,” said Meryl Rosenthal, CEO and President of FlexPaths.

Key findings in the report provide new insights into leveraging employee wellness promotion, addressing underlying root causes of wellness and performance, expanding flexible work design, connecting wellbeing and employee engagement and fostering a healthy work culture.

Flexible work design is a substantial component in the report and underscores the importance of giving employees more choice and control over their jobs and work lives, trusting them to deliver and creating responsibility for results. This is a common theme in employee health promotion, work and personal life integration and employee engagement.

To access a free copy of this report, please visit FlexPaths website.

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