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Airbus recognises cabin BFE suppliers’ customer support

Recognising suppliers for best in-service performance
Aircraft Interiors Expo 2014, Hamburg, 08 April 2014

At the 2014 Airbus Cabin Supplier Support Rating awards, Airbus recognised the cabin Buyer-Furnished-Equipment (BFE) suppliers who achieved outstanding levels of customer satisfaction throughout 2013. The suppliers were identified through the Airbus process which captured in-service feedback from over 111 Airbus Customers representing 73 percent of the operators worldwide, operating over 90 percent of the Airbus fleet and covering all aircraft families. Sixty-eight suppliers were measured during 2013.

The awards, presented by Genevieve Laurens-Chassagne, Head of Airbus’ Supplier Support Management, Customer Services, and Christian Favre, Head of Programmes, Customer Services, are as follows:

Sogerma Cabin Seats, Bucher, Zodiac Seats US LLC respectively ranked 1st and 2nd, and 3rd. All are awarded for excellent customer support performance as the Top 3 achievers;
Sogerma Cabin Seats for excellent customer support performance as the best in class seat supplier;
Thales for excellent customer support performance as the best in class In-Flight Entertainment supplier;
Bucher for excellent customer support performance as the best in class galley & monument supplier;
Sogerma Cabin Seats for the most improved BFE customer support performance in 2013.
The major cabin BFE suppliers on Airbus aircraft were rated against three criteria: (a) The ability to provide continuously reliable equipment and the associated technical support; (b) Effectiveness of operational support services, benchmarked against the industry-leading Airbus supplier support standards; and, (c) Customer feedback regarding cost of ownership.

The Cabin BFE Supplier Support Rating is also published as part of the Airbus BFE Product Catalogue to guide Airbus customers during the equipment selection process. The next rating cycle will be launched during the fourth quarter of 2014.

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