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Fermentalg – Production agreement with ARD marks a new milestone in the commercialization of DHA

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Libourne – 17 May 2016 – Fermentalg, an industrial biotechnology company specializing in the production of oils and proteins derived from microalgae, and ARD, a company specializing in bio-refining, industrial biotechnologies and bio-based chemistry, have announced the signing of an industrial agreement for the large-scale production of DHA.

A new source of DHA, an essential fatty acid from the Omega-3 family
As announced in March during the presentation of its strategic roadmap, Fermentalg’s goal is to make available to the market a new source of DHA, an essential fatty acid from the Omega-3 family, between now and the end of the 2023. DHA is a highly sought-after essential fatty acid in human nutrition known for its role in the prevention of numerous illnesses. It is recognized for its beneficial effects on the brain (tissue, healthy development and increase in intellectual capacity) and the heart (reduction in triglycerides, cholesterol and the risk of cardiovascular disease).

From 2017, Fermentalg also plans to market DHA+, a highly innovative product in human nutrition and food supplements which shares all of the benefits of DHA but which also has a higher concentration of essential fatty acids and a lower concentration of saturated fatty acids for very high value-added applications.

A partnership with a renowned French specialist in industrial fermentation
In order to ensure rapid large-scale production, Fermentalg has joined forces with a French specialist in industrial fermentation: ARD (Agro-industrie Recherches et Développements). Set up in 1989 to find new opportunities for creating value from its shareholders’ farming produce (cereals, sugar beet, alfalfa, oilseeds, etc.), ARD has developed expertise in:

plant fractionation and bio-refining,
white (industrial) biotechnology,
bio-based chemistry and agro-materials,
the environment.
A powerful industrial partnership for production
To ensure the very best performance, Fermentalg plans a €2 million investment in equipment to be sited in ARD’s site in Pomacle in the Marne region (51). The company’s expertise in the industrial operation of large-scale fermentation factories and management of production will give Fermentalg the output capacity it needs to match its development plan.

The two partners have planned for a ramp-up in production from several dozen tons at the end of 2016 to several hundred tons per 2023.

En route towards commercialization
This agreement is one of the major final steps in the lead-up to the commercialization of DHA by Fermentalg. The company has already been awarded a European Novel Food authorization for the commercialization of its DHA-enriched oil on today’s vast human nutrition market.

Andrew Echatti, Chief Executive Officer, said: “I am delighted that this agreement has been signed with ARD. From the very first meetings set up by Pierre Calleja in 2015, it has been clear that ARD is the ideal partner for rapid and large-scale production. The partnership is also a natural fit with our Industrial Development Unit in Libourne which will be devoted to products with a very high value-added and to future development programs. I am also very pleased and proud that production will be carried out in France which means we will be marketing a highly innovative product that is 100% Made In France.”

Yvon Le Hénaff, General Manager for ARD, added: “We are proud to have signed this agreement which will represent a substantial part of the workload for our Industrial Demonstration Unit. The faith that Fermentalg has placed in us is formal recognition of ARD’s expertise in Industrial Biotechnologies and of the value of our investment in the Demonstration Unit. We are also very pleased, after having assisted US companies, to be taking part in the development of an original technology brought to us by a French company.”

About Fermentalg

Founded in 2009 by Pierre Calleja, Fermentalg is an industrial biotechnology company that specializes in producing sustainable oils and proteins derived from the exceptional properties of microalgae. Its patented technology allows it to target a range of fast-growing global markets, from nutrition and animal feed to cosmetics and health. Fermentalg has already signed its 1st joint-venture for the production of Omega-3 oils rich in DHA. Fermentalg shares are listed on Euronext in Paris (FR0011271600 – FALG). For more information, visit the Fermentalg website at:

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